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Boolean Operators

Boolean what? You may well ask. You are probably using boolean operators in various sentence constructions as you surf through the net. Named after the 19th century mathematician and philosopher George Boole, boolean operators stand in symbolic representation of the words AND, OR and NOT. These logical operators are used …

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Using Bing to Find Destination Guides

Tourism is one of the things Bing does best. Bing Travel is that section of Bing that helps potential travelers plan their vacations. Bing is new, had its debut in May 28th, 2009 and is the latest Internet search engine. It is Google’s rival and the first serious sit-up-and-take-notice since …

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Reasons for Google Popularity

A rough estimate of mine tells me that at least 95% of web surfers are using Google on a daily basis. In fact, many people confuse Google with the World Wide Web itself. I’ve seen people typing urls in the Google search box. As an example, using Google Adwords Keyword …

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How to Clear Internet Browsing History

Have you ever wonder why websites load faster the second time you visit them? This is because your computer saves information on the web pages you’ve visited so that it doesn’t have to download them again the next time you browse these sites. Convenient as this sound, you wouldn’t want …

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