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Super Slyder Iphone App Review

I like playing labyrinth-style games, so when I read about Super Slyder, now a free iPhone app, I knew that I had to try it out. This game is like a labyrinth-style game, but it does not use the regular ball and maze format. Instead, the player gets a spazzy blue ball with eyes on it that has to reach the appropriate location on the board.

The player’s goal is to try to control that blue ball (named Slyder) to get to the green shiny spot. The gaming concept is not that difficult to understand, but Super Slyder still includes some very useful tips and tutorials to get the player moving through each level. As with all apps from the App Store, there are pros and cons to this game.

The Pros:

• The game has decent graphics. I read that this game used to be on sale, not free, and that is a nice change because the graphics are not that special. I have seen some better graphics in free games, so I am surprised that this would have been for sale for a bigger price than it actually should be. But, the gameplay does make up for the lack of good graphics.

• The gameplay is actually quite good. I was skeptical at first because I thought that this would just be another boring game with a pointless gaming concept. That is not the case. There is an actual challenge that you will experience with Super Slyder. For people who enjoy playing labyrinth-style games, Super Slyder offers something new and unique.

• The controls are easy to use. I like that Slyder responds well to the accelerometer. I was worried that the accelerometer would actually hinder the ability to enjoy and play this game well, but it actually makes it easier to play the game.

The Cons:

• The tutorials are helpful, but they are way too slow. The developer should make the dialogue bubbles bigger so that more instructions can fit into each bubble. That way, the tutorials will be shorter. Also, Slyder should move faster during the tutorials, since the instructions are clear enough so that people can understand them easily.

• The game will sometimes crash if you allow your iPhone to temporarily shut off. Once you unlock your iPhone again and want to play the game, it might crash. However, this is easily fixed because you can start the game and find that you can start from where you left off.

All in all, I would highly recommend Super Slyder. It has more pros than cons, and I enjoyed playing it.

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