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Stick Bo Iphone App Review

Stick Bo is a free game for the iPhone. I have downloaded plenty of “stick”-type games, so I decided that Stick Bo would be a good choice, too. After all, I couldn’t lose: I don’t have to spend a penny on the game and I could easily delete it if I don’t like it.

The player’s goal is to try to shoot all of the enemies while earning badges and upgrades. The gaming concept is easy enough to understand, but most people will probably think that this is nothing new. Of course, even though there is nothing new with the gaming concept, it’s still interesting to see such a concept played out with “stick” graphics.

In terms of the graphics, Stick Bo is actually quite good. If you are like me, you are pretty easy to please when it comes to graphics. At least, that is my feeling whenever I play a new app. Very few apps have had appalling graphics; I tend to think on the positive side. With that in mind, I would rate Stick Bo’s graphics as a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. It receives this score because even though the graphics are not complex they are done well (within in their category). The contours and lines are crisp, while the colors are bright and quite vivid (which make them more attractive to the eyes). However, the game loses some points in terms of graphics because there is very little variety in the landscape and the type of enemies that the player encounters.

In terms of gameplay, Stick Bo is decent. Again, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Stick Bo’s overall gameplay quality a score of 7.5. Some improvements could be made. I already touched upon the idea that a variety of enemies would be a nice addition or improvement. In that way, the gameplay will seem more interesting as the screen moves on to the next frame. Another good improvement would be to the controls setup. The d-pad is quite small, and there is some room needlessly devoted to the showing of the player’s current weapon choice. This section should be made smaller while the d-pad is expanded. The aim button should also be smaller and placed at the top of the screen (since it is rarely used in gameplay anyway).

All in all, Stick Bo is a playable game even though it could use a bit of a “tune-up.” I would still recommend Stick Bo.

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