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Spot it Lite Iphone App Review

If you are looking for a great “find the differences” app for your child or for yourself, then Spot It! Lite might seem like a good choice. After all, this particular iPhone app uses pictures from National Geographic’s image library, and I know that National Geographic’s pictures are generally high-quality. However, that does not mean that Spot It! Lite is high quality. The concept is great, but this game would prove to be too simple for those who are looking for a challenge.

Spot It! Lite is a great app for kids. Why? Because all of the pictures beautifully show places and animals that most children have not seen. Spot It! Lite is like an introduction to the world of knowledge through pictures. And, since kids generally like apps that contain plenty of pictures, Spot It! Lite seems like a great choice.

However, the gameplay is a little lacking. First of all, I have played my fair share of “find the differences” apps, and most of them were boring. The exceptions were those apps that added something innovative or new to the mix, such as different modes of challenges or a plot. However, I was discouraged when I started playing Spot It! Lite because I could easily find all of the differences in less than 30 seconds. This might not seem that fast, but when I was playing the game it seemed like only a few minutes had gone by and I was completely finished with the lite version. With that said, I did not want to purchase the full version if it was going to be this easy.

That is why I would highly recommend Spot It! Lite to kids. The gameplay is easy enough so that it will not make them frustrated. Also, the controls are easy to use. The interface is user-friendly, since the two different pictures actually take up most of the screen. I also like that the details in the pictures are easy to spot.

I would not recommend Spot It! Lite to anyone unless he or she is under the age of 10 years old. The only good thing about downloading this game if you are an older player is that Spot It! Lite is free, so that even if you do find that the game does not offer a good enough challenge, you can delete the app from your playing device without feeling guilty.

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