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Sony Playstation Phone Specs may Include Gingerbread Android 30

As the holiday season quickly approaches and the speculation game ramps up in terms of who will be releasing what, a curiously timed blurb came out of Sony. Sony is rumored to be discontinuing the production of one of it’s all time greatest sellers, the Walkman. Though now obsolete in some terms, it was a bit of a surprise announcement. Could it be though simply an illusion as they prepare for an even bigger announcement?

Could it be that a little something is brewing in regards to the highly anticipated Sony Playstation phone that has been talked about for sometime now? It might very well be, as suddenly bits and pieces of this new device have debuted in the famous “leaked” form, including of all things, pictures of the new phone along with some of the things that we can expect to see it contain. Could it be that the Walkman announcement was part of a 1-2 Holiday season punch, with the old stalwart getting the public’s attention, then followed up by the debut of this phone which many think will be a huge seller.

It would certainly become one of the hottest items out there come Black Friday, for that part any time during the busy holidy shopping season. However an even bigger speculation that might send sales skyward is being bandied about. Could it be that this new Sony Playstation phone will be armed with a surprise guest? If the rumor mills are true, it very well could be that you might see Android 3.0 (nicknamed Gingerbread) being the pilot on this very exciting endeavor. It would simply be a coup not just for Sony, but Android as well at a time when every manufacturer is trying to make a buzz during the Christmas buying season.

If this buzz turns out to be true, it will join a cast of other exciting features that Sony has lined up for its latest debut. Among the things known about the device, and certain to be a hit with the teen and young adult set, it the inclusion of a multitouch capability which you will find in much in line with one of the controllers that Sony games use at present. Should make games on your phone that much more exciting. Your also going to fine included 1 GB of ROM to go with 512 MB of RAM, which is very good, but a little below what other systems are packing at this point. Lastly, the 1GHz Q Qualcomm MSM8655 chip is said to be included, which if you believe hype is suppose to be one of the fastest things going.

Being one of the kingpins of the gaming industry, you can expect they will have something special in mind for their phone to enhance its already meteoric value to the consumer. Hopefully all the hype is true and this phone does materialize for Santa to bring in the not so distant future. It will certainly give Sony and Android a lot to crow about this holiday season, why perhaps enhancing boths bottom lines in what has been one tough economic climate in recent years!

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