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Some reasons to avoid social networking sites

With around a billion people using Facebook, it would at first glance seem difficult to argue against using a social networking site to enhance your life, however there are some very real and important reasons to avoid social networking sites altogether.

The primary reason to avoid using social networking sites is to conserve your precious leisure time. Social networking can consume a great deal of time, time that can be better spent with friends and family. The ironic thing about social networking sites are that they are not social in any shape or form, real life relationships can suffer because of this digital phenomenon. Being shut away in a virtual world with nothing but digital code for company can not be thought of as social in any true sense. Expand your social circle in the real world by ditching the digital alternative.

Another disadvantage of becoming embroiled in a social networking site is the endless gossip that seems to dominate this form of entertainment. Salacious rumour is the most popular form of currency within cyberspace; deep and meaningful conversations have given way to outlandish hearsay within sites such as Myspace and Facebook. Social networking is slowly but surely eroding the very fabric of society, one nudge and wink at a time. The diverse nature of the spoken word has become condensed and encoded to fit the simplistic and hollow lifestyle of the modern social Internet user. Keeping away from social networking sites really can help you become a better person and expand your mind in the process, if you have the inclination to learn from real world experiences instead of gossip driven sites such as Facebook. One thing is certain, independent thought can not be honed within the realms of any social networking site.

One would think that peer pressure only affects the young and impressionable, yet you only have to look at how fully grown adults behave when the latest phone is released to understand that peer pressure affects all members of society. People are under more pressure than at any other time in human history to conform to the majority via social networking sites such as Facebook. Internet bullying is a type of peer pressure that can have fatal consequences, as can be seen with the growing amount of teenage suicides that have occurred through social networking peer pressure. It is far better to totally avoid social networking websites and not succumb to popular opinion and Internet bullying.

And lastly, the safety of the individual should be considered before using any social networking site. Young women and children should be mindful about who they exchange messages with on social networking websites, as it is not uncommon for predators to take on false identities for the sole purpose of grooming the young and impressionable into lewd acts. Parents should be especially mindful about letting young adults use social networking sites as the risks far outweigh the rewards.

The Internet is a wonderful invention that can enhance and elevate the human condition; however social networking has only brought conformity and unoriginality to a world that already has too much of both. Avoid using social networking sites and embrace life itself.

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