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Solipskier Iphone App Review

Having played other snowboarding/skiing games on my iPhone, I thought that I had seen them all. I was proven wrong when I started playing Solipskier, an app that costs $2.99. At first I thought that this was an expensive price, but considering the high quality of the gameplay I soon did not mind paying so much for a game.

In general, I like to download free games above anything else. However, sometimes I splurge in the App Store, and many times the games are a hit or miss. Most times I will purchase pretty good games, but it is difficult to figure out which app is going to be good. That was the case with Solipskier. When I first saw the screenshots I thought that the graphics looked absolutely bad. I was thinking to myself, “For a price of almost $3, you would think that the developer could come up with better graphics.” However, I always relearn that sometimes games with bad graphics can still have great gameplay.

The point of Solipskier is to create the slopes as the skier moves. This sounds like an easy game, but it is not. Sometimes the skier will go quite fast and it is difficult to keep up with him. The action is fast-paced, so do not take your eyes off the screen for even one second. I was getting a great score when I had to look away because of a distraction and that was where I failed. Not only that, but the controls are also easy to use. What more can I ask from a game that has great gameplay and controls? The graphics could use some work, but that’s a given.

I also like that Solipskier does not crash or lag, even if the game is moving quite fast. I did restart my iPhone before I started playing the game for the first time, so perhaps that must have had something to do with the overall quality of the game. In addition, the user interface is easy on the eyes. The black backgrounds help make the rest of the graphics “pop.”

I would highly recommend Solipskier to anyone who loves playing casual games that are full of fun. Solipskier is one of the best iPhone apps that I have played, hands-down. This game has encouraged me to look past free games. It has given me hope that even games with pretty high prices can still be great and not cause me regret.

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