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Soapnetcom Soapnet Review Soapnet Reviewed Soaps Drama TV and Soapnet Soaps and Soapnet Review

Soapnet.com tells you about all the latest soaps on television and celebrity news. If you’re mad on American soaps and your looking for information on a show you like then this site will then become handy, apart from that use the site isn’t very useful. The site also offers the latest fashion updates that soap actresses and celebrities are wearing. The websites layout and design is great using flash they have developed a great modern website however the content of the site isn’t great. The extras option on the site is fun and cool offering the latest in awards shows and a few fun games. For information the soaps pages are great, you can find out everything about you favourite programmes however that’s the best use of the website.

I assume the target audience is women and gay men and most probably the majority of the website users are women. The sites stat on websiteoutlook.com shows that the site only has an estimated 65,000 page views per day, the sites value isn’t really that great any information you may be looking for on here isn’t an everyday search and you may be able to find out in many other locations on the internet. The auto video player on the site can be annoying on this however the site does have some great exclusive video that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Personally I think the site is pretty useless, none of the information really helped me and everything wasn’t of any interest to me on the last visit, if the site was to put more exciting information and exclusive stories about actors on the site then people would be more convinced to re-visit the site. The sites exclusive video interviews are very attracting to celebrity followers however their aren’t many iconic stars in these interviews. Soapnet also do a television channel called soaptonic shows the sites favourite drama shows I think the site needs more information on that and improve some navigation from page to page. The website is always up to date and offers sweepstake competitions to win stuff which is great for fans of the site and shows, you can also get soapnet on your iphone now when they launched an iphone optimized web browser last year.

The site is well maintained and up to date on celebrities, fashion and TV drama/soaps. Valuable information on the site is pretty invaluable and it’s very easy to get lost in the site pressing back on your internet bar becomes the only option. Im not a personal uses or fan of the site and its content that’s why I would only mark the site a 6 out of 10.

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