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Smooth Radio App Smooth Radio on the Iphone how to get Radio on your Iphone

One of the major draw backs to the iPhone is the fact that you can’t listen to the radio. However by downloading certain apps this is now possible. Smooth Radio is an app that let’s you listen to the Smooth Radio station on your iPhone. This is a simple little app but very handy and if you enjoy Smooth Radio it’s perfect for you. The app is free to download which obviously makes it excellent value.

If you are unfamiliar with the radio station, Smooth Radio specialises in soulful chilled out music. They play modern smooth music and older songs as well. There are a decent mix of DJ’s on show including names such as Mark Goodier, Dave Lincoln, Andy Peebles and many more. This is a commercial radio station so there are adverts which can be a little annoying sometimes. If you are into soul music and jazz and anything like this though this is a station you will no doubt enjoy.

When you load the app up it takes you to the homepage. Here you are told which show you are listening to and there is a picture of the DJ. It also tells you what song is currently being played on the radio. One handy feature about this app is that you can choose the region you are in. You can select from North West, Scotland, Wales, North East, Midlands, London and some other regions. This is handy as it means the news will be from your local area.

On the homepage you can also access the website. I think this is a good little feature as it means you can check all the latest local news, all the gossip from the radio station, learn about the presenters and shows and also get involved with and chat and discussions that are taking place on the radio. There is also an option where you can directly email the studio, this is very clever as it makes it so simple to get in contact with the presenters and get involved in the show.

The homepage also has a tab you can tap to take you to the schedule. This gives you a list of all the DJ’s and shows throughout the day. Although this is a relatively simple app it does everything you could really want it to. If you leave the radio on the app locks the screen so that you don’t waste your battery. You can also use other apps on your phone and the radio will still play in the background. So overall I would say this is a very good little app and one that is ideal if you enjoy listening to the radio.

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