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Smartphone Phones with IQ

The history of smarphones takes us to the first smartphone called Simon, introduced by IBM in 1992. This device contained calculator, address book, email, games, notepad and fax. Later, the Black Berry smartphone gained astounding popularity by bringing various models varying in price ranges and features such as Bold, Pearl, Curve and Storm.

Mobile phones are a craze today. Earlier, people only required phones for communication, but now the multimedia gizmo bestows multitudes of top notch features. The majority of the brands of mobile phones is renowned for their excellent features and is a craze among people. The craze is increasing day by day as the hand sets are coming with more features that cannot be ignored.

Smartphone allows the communication functionality and tons of other aspects including internet browsing, GPS, email, calendars, mp3 players, complete operating systems, full keyboards, organizers, video and camera and certainly the cell phone. It has a galore of features and today these devices come featured with touch screens.

Smartphones come with multiple advantages. The internet is a mandatory feature and this is available with hi-end models. These devices have services such as SMS and instant messaging, besides e-mail and MMS in the 3G device. Similarly, carrying cameras can be conveniently avoided as these devices are capable enough to capture quality images and also to make video footages. It also facilitates video calling.

The camera quality is excellent offering the best pixels resolution as well as LED flash. Entertainment aficionados can have a great time with 3G device that supports the music formats. Working professional`s efficacy that depends on instant and accurate action also finds the smartphones of today of immense use. There is no doubt that these gadgets are developing by leaps and bounds. The working professionals can find the top models with software features such as Excel, Word, PDF documents, PowerPoint and OneNote on the handset screen.

The connectivity features comprise EDGE, GPRS, WiFi, 3G HSDPA, USB connection and Bluetooth. The new smartphones come with options such as expandable memory card and good storage capacity. The GPS technology helps in identifying the locations and also in comprehending other vital information.

This new technology of smartphones helps even in commercial utility such as for property buyers. Tenants and potential buyers can acquire photos and property data such as lease rates, price and more on their phone. The profile of the shopper is matched and e-mail is also sent updating the interest expressed. Blackberry and iPhone facilitates in sorting through quotes, news, latest headlines, saving or sharing articles, images and photos through email or twitter.

The latest features are designed in the aim of being user friendly. The dimensional size is easy in carrying and the long touch screen is well integrated. The pixels resolution snaps clear pictures effortlessly and records the video clips conveniently. These devices are designed intelligently such that the auto turn off technology keeps you out of the power saving worries. Similarly, the phone book memory helps saving unlimited entries. Models such as Acer, Nokia, Black Berry and iPhone are some of the hi-end smartphone models that are the favorites and are available to suit the needs of each person.

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