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Shootem Home Iphone App Review

So far, I have been impressed with every Evenwell Digitech Inc. game app that I have played. Shoot’em Home is another game by the same developer, so I had expectations that it would provide me with great gameplay, graphics, and refreshing gaming concept.

Shoot’em Home, however, describes what Evenwell Digitech Inc.’s approach is to the app-making process: Determine some type of gaming concept that will apply to a variety of themes, and work from that template. This seems to be working well, because even though some of the developer’s games are very similar to (if not the same as) one another, they each have a unique “flavor.” That is the same with Shoot’em Home. This is a game about taking back animals to the place where they belong (in Shoot’em Home’s case, the zoo), but so is Raining Cats & Dogs (another one of Evenwell Digitech Inc.’s apps).

It seems that the developer’s creativity with regards to graphics is also the same way; the graphics that I see in Shoot’em Home can also be found in the developer’s other apps, such as Race’em Home. This does not mean, of course, that the graphics are bad at all. It does mean that the quality of the graphics will remain consistent throughout.

The gameplay lacks a little zest and excitement, and if you have played Race’em Home you will know exactly how to play Shoot’em Home. The player acts as the zoo manager and he or she must tap on the animals and tranquilize them so that the manager can take them back to the zoo. Since the gameplay is simple, Shoot’em Home would be great for young children. The graphics also compliment the gameplay experience and the combination of these would make Shoot’em Home appropriate for children.

Sometimes the graphics lag and this is extremely frustrating if you are trying to work as fast as you can. The developer should be able to fix this problem easily. The controls are easy to use, although I would have an option to play the game on landscape mode, too. Another frustrating aspect of this game is that the player has to finish all of the levels before the Challenge Mode is usable. The levels might act as “practice” for the Challenge Mode levels, but I would still like to be able to try my hand at the more difficult levels.

Overall, I would recommend Shoot’em Home if you liked Race’em Home, or if you like free games that use very simple gameplay concepts.

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