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Shark Tale Iphone App Review

Shark Tale is yet another game in which the player has to match objects of the same color. Although I thought that this game would be full of adventure and action, I was still impressed by the smooth graphics and decent gameplay. Shark Tale definitely has potential.

The first thing that I noticed about Shark Tale was its graphics. I was not expecting such good graphics because I had not seen the screenshots on its App Store page. In fact, I only saw its App Store page after I played the game. The colors are bright and vivid, bringing the shininess of the bubbles and the liveliness of the fish alive. The interface is also nicely organized. I like that the score is at the top of the screen while the menu and pause buttons are at the bottom. This configuration makes it easy to go back to the main menu or to pause the game at any time. The game also takes up most of the screen, which is great for quality gameplay.

In terms of gameplay, Shark Tale is quite good. I judged the app too quickly by its name. I thought that this would be an adventure game in which I have to save the fishes from sharks. Obviously, I did not read its App Store description. But, I was pleasantly surprised because I enjoy games of this category. I have been playing so many “object matching” games lately that it is becoming easier and easier to compare and contrast them.

The biggest twist that Shark Tale adds to this game category is the way that the matching is made. Instead of changing the fish eggs’ positions, the player has to make chains of similarly colored eggs. So, it does not matter if the eggs are all askew. The point of the game is to make very long chains of fish eggs in order to gain more points (and in order to “free” more fish). I also like that there are extra features such as bombs and different types of eggs that do different actions such as making bonus points. The bombs are my favorite extra feature because they sometimes make it easier to make longer chains.

All in all, I would highly recommend Shark Tale to young and old alike. Even if I expected a different game, I still enjoyed my gaming experience with Shark Tale.

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