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Save the Bacon Iphone App Review

At first I thought that the pig in Save the Bacon, a free iPhone app, was the cutest animated pig I’d ever seen. I immediately downloaded the game and thought that the quality of the gameplay would match the quality of the graphics.

This time, I was wrong. The gameplay is boring and actually quite difficult if I make the least bit of effort. The purpose of the game is to climb up the screen by jumping on the platforms, all the while catching the ham pieces and avoiding the butcher knives that drop from the sky. This sounds easy enough, but the controls make the game unplayable. At first I did not even know how to use the controls because there are no instructions that come with the game. I accidentally tilted my iPhone from left to right and figured out that the pig would move from left to right if I do so. The pig would also jump on his own accord. The pig will sometimes not move the correct amount of space. If I want him to jump on a platform, he might miss it and I will have to start from the bottom again.

There are a few gaming modes, but the “infinite” gaming mode is probably the best because I never lose. The “easy” mode is actually quite hard. Since it is difficult to make the pig move where I want it to move, the pig will sometimes land on a platform and then get hit by a butcher’s knife. I lose a life and I have to start again. The other levels are increasingly difficult because of the same reasons.

The best feature of Save the Bacon is its graphics. The background is very simple, but the “cuteness factor” is definitely there. Anyone looking for a game with cute graphics will enjoy Save the Bacon, even though it is lacking in exciting and solid gameplay.

The interface is very user-friendly and it is easy to go back to the main menu or pause the game whenever necessary. I would like an actual button that says “Main Menu” or has a picture of a “home” on it. I accidentally tapped on the middle of the screen twice and that is how I found out how to pause the game.

With that in mind, I would not recommend Save the Bacon. There are better free game apps in the App Store. I would not recommend this app until the developer decides to improve upon the controls.

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