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Royalty Free Mp3 Children Kid Nursery Rhyme Music Song Download

I just ran across a website that has 45 free full version MP3 songs and nursery rhymes for kids that you can legally download to your computer. You can also download the lyrics and chords in PDF format. Having the lyrics is very handy if you aren’t familiar with all the words, and they come in handy when trying to teach a child the new songs. Music is a fantastic gift to pass along to any child!

All of the free MP3 downloads are familiar fun classic songs from my own childhood, and I’m sure you will recognize some of the lively tunes as well. The traditional melodies should bring back memories for you and will most likely become beloved favorites for your little tyke.

While looking through the available choices, I was thrilled to see some familiar tunes my mother and grandparents sang with me as a youngster. Some upbeat musical tempos such as Bingo, Eensy Weensy Spider, Found a Peanut, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, The Lord’s Army, Do Your Ears Hang Low, and Did You Ever See a Horse Fly.

The entire selection includes melodies in traditional and patriotic genres, nursery rhyme classics, campfire favorites, and Christian songs. You’re sure to find something to please everyone.

The Free Kids Music website is at http://freekidsmusic.com/traditional/index.html. You can listen to a preview of each tune before you download. To save them to your computer, simply click once on the name of the song and a new page will open up. Then right click on the words “Hi-Quality MP3 Download” and choose “Save Target As” and then pick the location on your computer where you want them to be saved.

So what can you do with these free MP3 tunes once you’ve downloaded them? Here are a few ideas.

Share the songs with the kids in your life and encourage them to share them with their own children when they have a family of their own.

Save them to a location on your computer and then burn them to a CD. Play the CD in the car while running errands or taking a road trip, and sing along with your little one.

Give a CD as a gift to new parents, kindergarten teachers, Sunday School teachers, vacation Bible school workers, daycare facilities, or friends and family members with toddlers or preschoolers.

Get up on your feet and dance or hop around to the silly tunes to give yourself and the kids some exercise.

Start a weekly tradition of a family fun night and learn a new song each week, or sing and laugh while enjoying the ones you’ve already learned.

I’m sure you can think of other things to do with these wonderful free nursery rhymes and songs. So have fun downloading, singing, and sharing the free MP3 kids songs!

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