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Rocket Downhill Penguin Iphone App Review

As a testimony to my love of everything penguin-related, I’ve downloaded every penguin-related iPhone game app. It’s no surprise that I downloaded Rocket Downhill Penguin, then, because this game is about a skiing penguin.

Rocket Downhill Penguin reminds me of the classic “Ski Free” game that I used to play on my desktop PC. That was almost fifteen years ago, but I still enjoy that type of gameplay today. Rocket Downhill Penguin, however, is different because the player is controlling a penguin and the penguin has to avoid obstacles such as trees and snowmen. The penguin can also collect cups of hot chocolate, boxes marked with yellow stars, as well as extra lives. It takes quite a while for the penguin to lose all of its lives. I took a dozen hits before the game was over.

At any rate, Rocket Downhill Penguin seems to be a solid game even though the gameplay does not offer much excitement. The game does not lag too much. I’ve only experienced lagging once, and that might be due to the fact that Rocket Downhill Penguin’s graphics are 3D-like. The more complex the graphics, the more chances of the game lagging or crashing.

The graphics, on the one hand, are great. If you like 3D graphics, then you might like Rocket Downhill Penguin’s graphics because they are smooth and the penguin and snowmen look adorable. However, I would have much rather preferred 2D animation because it would have been less of a detriment to the gameplay quality.

There is also no incentive to win because there are no levels and there are no prizes. Basically, I had to want a high score bad enough in order to keep playing the game. The game seems to move a little faster as it goes on. The beginning is slow and relaxing. Once I passed a score of 2,000, however, the game started to present more trees that were closer together and more snowmen. However, there were more lives that I could attain and more cups of hot chocolate. I would have liked different types of obstacles, perhaps more that were interactive. It would also have been fun to reach the bottom of the hill and find a prize. Another great feature that the developer should consider is that the penguin should collect some medals.

At any rate, Rocket Downhill Penguin is a decent game and it’s free. I really can’t complain about it.

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