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Reporting Identity Theft

The phone rings and that nice person from the credit card company asks if “you have been shopping today”?Your response is no I have not…She says are you sure?We show you have spent $960.00 in eight transactions today.You have been the victim of a crime called identity theft. The first sensation is confusion. Where was I today? Did I drop my card at the convenience store?How could this happen?I have not gone anywhere today?

Suddenly you realize that you had an encounter with someone from your child’s school. One of the other mothers dropped by for some tea earlier in the day…It could not in a million years be her..Really? Think again..How well do you really know this person? A well respected person in the community? No-one would think possible. Think again.

The first thing to do if you have been hit by identity theft is to have the credit card company list the times and places of the transactions, if they are local, while you try to retrace your footsteps of the day.If you are like me you are furious and want the person to be caught and prosecuted for stealing your money,messing up your day, and possibly ruining your credit. This will not be simple,however,it is doable.

Keep in mind that the police are overwhelmed with requests and the chances of them catching the perpetrator are slim to none.This a time for you to take immediate action to catch the scam mer so they cannot do it again to another unsuspecting person. Take the list given to you from the report generated by the credit company or bank,if it was a debit card.Go to the 5th transaction,somewhere in the middle.

Call the place of business where the crime was committed and ask if they have a video surveillance system. If they do tell them what happened to you and ask them calmly and politely if they could please find it in their heart to track who used your card at the time the transaction took place.This may take a few calls and a few days to get access to their film.If and when they respond ask if you could identify the person because they could do it to another friend.This is the only way that the police will be able to prosecute.They are not capable of connecting the dots as quickly as you since they don’t know the person.

If and when you are able to identify the scoundrel. Call the police with your case. They may not believe you at first..Tell the truth and show the evidence.They will make the report and question you,however,they will not be able to refute the truth. You have given them the lead so that they can investigate further, hopefully,you will bring justice back into your life. This will take a long time to solve even if they have all the evidence presented to them.”The wheels of justice grind slow but exceedingly fine”. Have patients,stay calm, have faith that in the end the person who did this terrible act to you will eventually be brought to justice.

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