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Remove Apps from Ipod Touch

iPod touch is not only just a mp3 player but it is a complete entertainment system. Along with various types of music, it can also play movies, youtube videos and there are many various applications available, known as “apps” in the iPod world. These apps include games, apps for finding a restaurant, apps for finding parking spots, apps for finding movie theatre, apps for tracking your favorite teams, and many more. These apps are very affordable and most of them come with a free trial version. You can try out many different apps before deciding which app you would actually buy for the purpose. Also most of the people just prefer to use the trial versions.

With the vast number of apps available for iPod touch and the ease of downloading and free trial versions, you pretty much want to try out most of the apps that you come across. You will keep on downloading apps until you realize that the memory in your iPod touch is almost full to its capacity and you have to make choice of removing some of the apps from you iPod touch to free of some memory. Fortunately removing apps is fast, simple and moreover you do not require a computer to do so.

Follow the simple steps below to remove an app from you iPod touch.
1. Select the app that you want to remove.
2. Long press the app icon. This will activate the “desktop” configuration mode. You will know that the “desktop” configuration mode is activated when you see all the icons wobbling like a jelly. In this mode you will be able to move, rearrange or delete the apps.
3. Click on the cross symbol on the upper right corner for the icon of the app that you want to remove.
4. You will be prompted with the option to “Delete” or “Cancel”.
5. Choose “Delete” to remove the app.
6. You will then be prompted to rate the app. This is optional and you can choose not to rate by simply clicking “No thanks”.
7. You are done. The application is removed now.

You can also choose to backup the apps to a disc before removing it from your iPod. This will require your computer with iTunes installed on it. If you do not have iTunes, you can download it from the apple downloads. Follow the steps below to backup you iPod touch.
1. Select “Back to Disc”. Choose File -> Library -> Back up to Disc.
2. You will be shown an option to indicate what needs to be backed up. Choose “Backup only iTunes store purchases” to backup the apps. You can also choose “Only back up items added or changed since last backup” to perform an incremental backup.
3. Click “Backup”. This will create a backup disc of the iPod touch apps.
4. You can then remove it from your iPod touch.

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