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Reasons to Buy a Hp Deskjet 5440 Photo Printer

Before selecting a printer, there are many options you should consider. There are different types of printers, such as ink-jet, laser, thermal and so on. You also want to consider how many pages the printer can print per minute and how often you will have to replace those expensive ink cartridges. While low cost is good, sometimes you have to pay a little more for quality. Also make sure the printer will be compatible with your computer.

There are many different types of printers. An ink-jet printer, which is a non-impact printer, can print in black and white or in color on different types of paper because ink in sprayed onto the paper. A photo printer is able to print high quality pictures. Another type of non-impact printer is a laser printer, which prints very fast and with high quality graphics, but it usually costs more than an ink-jet printer. A thermal printer uses heated pins which are pushed against heat-sensitive paper to create an image; they are used to print photos. At dot-matrix printer is a impact printer which creates an image by striking a ribbon with tiny pins. Line printers are high speed impact printers which print an entire line of text at one moment.

The performance capabilities of the printer are very important. Printers can print in color or black and white. If you will be dealing with different types of paper, check to see if the printer is capable of printing on different types and sizes of paper. The speed of the printer is determined by how many pages per minute it can print. Some printers come with wireless capability, which allows you to print without having to connect to the printer using cords. Printers have different types of graphics capability, which can be determined by the resolution, or how many dots per inch it prints. The higher the number of dots per inch, the better quality graphics it will print. Printers also come with photo printing capabilities, which turn out high quality photos.

The HP Deskjet 5440 Photo Printer is a low cost, high quality everyday printer for home or small office use. This printer is able to print photo quality pictures up to 1200 x 1200 dots per inch. The printer can print up to 21 papers per minute in color and 22 pages per minute in black. It is able to print approximately 1,000 pages per month. The printer is able to print on paper ranging from 4 x 6 to 8.5 x 24. It can also print directly from your digital camera’s flash card without having to transfer the picture to the computer first. The printer takes both a tri-color cartridge and black ink cartridge, minimizing the use of colors when printing black. The cost of this printer is $69.99 and will be shipped free to your door if ordered from the HP website.

This printer is very versatile in printing on different types of paper. The photo printing capabilities is reasonable for the average home or small office user. Printer is generally fast for an ink-jet in this price range. The ability to print directly from your digital camera’s flash card is definitely a rising trend in newer printers. The printer is relatively cheap but has been manufactured to endure heavy printing, approximately 1,000 pages per month. Its duel cartridge design is both cost and ink efficient.

Remember to chose a printer that best fits your needs. Type, speed, cost, quality, and the capabilities of the printer are your high priorities when shopping for a printer. Do not sacrifice quality for low cost, rather get the best quality for your money. If you want a printer for your home or small office, then the HP Deskjet 5440 Photo Printer is the printer for you.

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