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Racing Mania Iphone App Review

Racing Mania could have been a great game. The developer is not very far from turning this game into something that might become a favorite for many people. I purchased this game when I heard from my friend that it would be a good game. She already had the game and had played it plenty of times, so I trusted her opinion in this case.

However, I was a bit deceived. I did not bother reading the reviews on its App Store page because I simply thought that the game would be good anyway. At any rate, I figured out quickly that this was not the game for me. First of all, I realized that you could not turn the game to its side so that you would have to play the game vertically instead of horizontally. This is a horrible way to play a racing game because a person’s hands just do not have enough room to press the buttons when necessary. I always have a hard time holding the iPhone straight. Hopefully, the developer will be able to change this feature because every racing game should have a horizontal/landscape playing feature.

Another complaint that I have is about the controls themselves. They are too tight, especially the ones for turning the car. Most of the racing games that I have played have not had very good controls, so I was excited, at first, to see whether or not Racing Mania would be different. Unfortunately, as I suspected, the controls for turning the car did not respond as quickly or as good as I wanted them to. It is difficult to make the cars turn so I usually get them off the track or turning into objects. Obviously, controls need to be calibrated correctly so that users can play the game comfortably.

However, I will commend the developer for creating a game with good graphics. This is a game that has graphics that are worth 99 cents, even if the gameplay does not seem to be worth the price. Racing Mania would actually be a good game if everything else, except for the graphics, were improved.

I would only recommend Racing Mania because it has potential. If you are a person who can control your iPhone using the vertical direction, you can probably play Racing Mania comfortably. Hopefully, the developer has not forgotten about this app and will make the solutions available for free in the future.

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