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Racing Glory Iphone App Review

Racing Glory is a free iPhone app, and anyone who is a racing game fanatic may want to try this game out. Overall, the game is high quality, although the developer should make some improvements to the controls.

First of all, the graphics are quite good. I have to mention the graphics first because they caught my attention first. During the races, I noticed that the graphics did not get blurry or distorted. This is a great accomplishment for a game that uses such advanced graphics, since I have seen and played many iPhone games in which the 3D graphics are good when the screen is not moving but progressively get worse during movement.

In terms of gameplay, Racing Glory is enjoyable. There are different gaming modes, too: Quick Race, Time Trial, Championship, and Multiplayer. I like the Quick Race mode because I do not feel as pressured to get the best score than when I am playing the Time Trial or Championship modes. The game runs quite smoothly during gameplay, with little to no lagging. My biggest problem comes from the controls. At first I thought that using a d-pad-type control system would be great because I would be able to use the arrows to move more precisely. However, the controls are just not intuitive enough for me. In other words, the car moves erratically if I press one the left arrow and then the right one. Oftentimes, I find the car crashing into the side of the racetrack, into the railings, or making a complete 360 turn. It would have been better if the developer included an accelerometer mode, so that the player can have a choice of controls. I do like the separate acceleration and reverse pedals, however.

Another thing that disappointed me was that during gameplay, the screen will move along with the other cars and with the flow of the racetrack. So, for instance, if your car is caught on a railing, you will only be able to partially see your car because the screen is focusing on the racetrack itself. The screen should follow the player’s car, because the player needs to know how to maneuver the car in order to get it back on the racetrack. Sometimes, I could only see the tail end of my car, and that is extremely frustrating.

Overall, I would still recommend Racing Glory because it’s free and it is one of the few racing games that I enjoyed playing on the iPhone.

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