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Product Reviews Hp Color Laserjet Cp3505dn Printer

This printer is one I have used at work, and it’s not a domestic quality in my view, as it’s very expensive and quite large. If you want high volume printing though then one is simply fab.


1. It has an outstanding print quality. Certainly as good as the local printers, in both black and white, and colour.

2. It’s very very quick. so quick that when you do double sided printing it saves time by printing side one of the second sheet while turning over the first sheet. I’ve never seen a printer do that before. It is honestly as quick as the photocopier for some jobs. It takes about 3 seconds to do a page of colour A4.

3. It is economical. The print cartridges are much better value than anything that is not a laser printer of course, and this one always prints in true black using the black ink even if you’ve accidentally pressed the colour button button for a black and white sheet. And you buy all the four colours separately so if one runs out you don’t have to replace the whole lot. There’s a display on the front to tell you how much ink is left.

In 4. It starts up quickly, both from the start and from sleep mode – just a few seconds.

5. Should it have any problems, on our contract in the UK they always came out the next business day, which isn’t bad.

6. It’s not small but it is a pretty compact size to stand on top of a filing cabinet, say in the corner of the office.

7. Because it has a USB port, you can arrive with your laptop if you only use the office occasionally, plug in and print quickly using it. With our old printer there wasn’t a USB, so as a laptop user I had to email what I wanted to someone with a desktop attached to the printer and they’d have to print out for me. This is vastly easier, especially if everyone else has gone to lunch! HP drivers are easy to get from the web, if you need them.

8. It prints to A5 and B5 as well as A4.

9. Ours only went wrong twice in three years, (and we all know that was human error not machine failure, but we name no names….)

They cost a good 500 in the UK ($950) so it’s not something you’d buy unless you were running a real office type environment, but if you need what this offers then I recommend it as my goodness, it’s good.

I wish I could afford one at home!

In summary: it’s everything I ever wanted in a printer

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