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What exactly is a PowerPoint Presentation? A PowerPoint Presentation is a program that allows individuals to create a visual aid or show for a large group to view at a single time. This program has been used by students, teachers, businesses, and trainers ever since it was developed by Microsoft. Educating, recruiting, and informing the audiences of a PowerPoint are the major purposes of using this program in today’s world. This program allows for a fun, but serious way of presenting information into a large group of people. In addition, the slides one incorporates into their show make or break the presentation, by either attracting or losing the attention of the audience.

In a PowerPoint Presentation, numerous functions can be applied to assure the presentation is the best possible. Adding transitions between each slide is one of these important functions. To add a transition, one can look under the Animation Tab and decide which transition they prefer best. Depending on what the purpose of the presentation, will determine which transitions to use. For business presentations, one would use a single, non-flashy transition, while a recruitment presentation, would use crazy ones to keep the attention of the viewers. This is one factor that will add into making a PowerPoint Presentation the best possible.

Another function that can be applied to presentation of this sort is a special background. Depending on whether it is a formal or informal presentation will determine the type and number of different backgrounds. Formal presentations should use a single background that does not distract the viewers from paying attention. Informal presentations however, have no rules that need to be followed, allowing anything to be available. To add a background to a slide, click on the Design Tab, then by selecting Background Styles. From this Dialog Box, one can select a default background or customize their own by selecting Format Background. When adding this function to a PowerPoint, use common-sense in selecting the type based on the presentation. When used correctly, it can make an extraordinary slide show.

A third important aspect people using the Microsoft PowerPoint program need to remember is how to add new slides that fit into the show. Once again, depending on the type of presentation, the format of each new slide will be determined. Numerous slide formats are available, but one needs to choose a slide that will fit into their presentation and keep it identical to the others. Once getting past the default title slide, one must make this decision. To add new slides to a show, click on the New Slide button under the Home Tab. From this screen, one has the opportunity of choosing from nine formats, depending on what the show is trying to accomplish. After making this decision, you can start adding information by clicking inside of the bordered boxes. Being able to identify the type of slide that needs to be used is a talent one will develop by continually using this program.

A fourth and final procedure one can incorporate into their slide show, making it very distinguished is Timings. Putting Timings on a slide show allows the presentation to be run without an operator being stationed at the computer. This function allows the presentation to be more personal than before because the presenter does not have to focus on two tasks at one time. Whenever all other aspects of the slide show are completed, one can add Timings to the show by clicking on the Slide Show Tab and selecting Rehearse Timings. Once selecting this function, use will be taken to the presentation and must decide when to change to the next slide. The time you decide for each slide will culminate into a final number, henceforth being the time it takes to view the slide show. Be sure to allow enough time for each slide because there is no way to adapt during the presentation. This fourth and final function will allow any presentation to be the best it can possibly be and will make it have more of an effect on the viewers.

A PowerPoint can also majorly benefit the company, organization, or person who has prepared it. Allowing information to be seen in a different way other than having to read it is one benefit of this program. Also, PowerPoint presentations can be used as a recruitment tool, by using the guidelines I set above and setting it up for show in a very populated place. A third way a PowerPoint can be incorporated into a business, majorly benefitting it is by using it for business presentations. Presentations using this program can increase the interest in others and make the overall purpose more effective. Lastly, PowerPoint presentations benefit the user in the fact that it they are easy to use and many can be done in a short period of time. When time is crunched, an individual can always throw a presentation together and will not have to worry about the effectiveness of it. These reasons above explain why the PowerPoint program can benefit companies and organizations alike.

From the information above, I hope you have learned how to effectively put a PowerPoint presentation together and the benefits of using this program in your company or organization. By using my guidelines set above, one can be sure that whenever they make a PowerPoint, it will be of great quality. Each function described above will move any PowerPoint presentation into the distinguished area. Are you ready to present?

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