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Popular Types of Blog Posts

How do you get people to come to your blog? You’ve been writing every single day about Aunt Matilda’s recipe for succotash, but you aren’t getting the hits. You might want to change up the style of your blog posts. Here are some popular blog post styles.


Lists are great ways to get the attention of your readers. Five ways to eat a hamburger. 10 ways to take over the world. 7 ways to use CSS coding to get girls. Lists offer your readers definite parameters to work with. They will consistently know how much is left within the post and have a mental idea of how much longer they will be reading.


Chances are, you will not be on the spot when news is created. You do, however, have access to news feeds. You can report news and breaking events within your niche. Some of these news posts analyze the information for the readers, adding their own spin on the subject.


This is like the shotgun approach to news. You bring in all of the information that you have on a particular topic. Enhance the links by offering your own opinion and why they are important to the readers. Offer some quotes from the link so that readers can get an idea of what to expect when they click on it.


Rants are like blowtorches. You want them to be controlled and burn just the same. Rants can be very popular and entertaining because there is a great dramatic quality to anger. Focus that anger and take the time to write a rant about something which is aggravating.

How To guide

When you wander around the internet, you are looking for something which is informative or entertaining. A How-to guide might be just the ticket that you need to make your readers fall in love with your writing style. Take the time to write about something that you know very well and refer back to it frequently when you use unfamiliar terms.

Compare and Contrast

These posts can be very popular, because it brings products and services down to a common denominator. With thousands of services out there, why should you go with this one or that one? This type of post is popular because it seeks to understand things at the lowest levels.

There are numerous popular post types with which to work. You want to change up your style when you’re getting bored with any one type of post. Your readers will thank you with more visits.

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