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PC vs Mac which is the better Gaming Computer – PC

Rejoice PC gamers, because you have made the right choice of gaming computer. There are three main reasons why the PC is better for gamers.

1.) Software Availability

This is by far the biggest reason that PCs are the superior gaming system. I am sorry to say this, as a proud owner of a Mac, but there just aren’t enough games out there for the Mac. Because Mac’s only control about 8 percent of the computer market, the demand for Mac software (other than the software produced by Apple) isn’t that great. Only two major gaming companies, EA and Aspyr are consistently producing games for Mac. And the games that are cross-platform? Well, they almost always come out for PC first. In terms of the gaming software itself, the advantage is clear: PC all the way.

2.) Graphics

Now why, would you ask, do PCs have better gaming graphics than Macs? Aren’t Mac’s supposed to have stunning wide screen displays and a crisp, clean look? That may very well be true, but what most people don’t realize is that the stunning look of Apple is because its software is custom built for Macs. When the third party software comes in, the graphics aren’t as spectacular. The worst part, is that Macs still utilize Intel’s integrated graphics, which take away RAM from the motherboard, resulting in slower computer speeds. These graphics cards are incapable of high performance, 3-D gaming. Now, of course, it is harder to judge the PC in terms of graphics. There are, of course, hundreds of PC models out there for you to choose from, and they all come with different graphics systems. There are PCs built for gaming, with super high-definition graphics, and there are the more “budget” computers for those who aren’t looking to spend a whole lot on their computers. But, however, the high performance gaming computers boast a wonderful, high-definition graphics card, capable of playing any game ever made. If you install one of these graphics cards on any PC, it becomes the brilliant, high performance gaming PC you always dreamed of.

3.) Battery Life

While battery life is not an issue on desktops, it is, however a significant one on laptops. While this does not have a whole lot to do with gaming, all of us gamers know how much juice it takes to run a game. Apple computers are not built for superior battery life. The MacBook that I’m typing away on right now only gets about 4.5 hours of battery life on a full charge. Compare that to the 6+ hours on some high-end PC notebooks. Also, MacBooks weren’t built for gaming. In a test for writing this article, I decided to play a game called SuperTux, a crude, Mario-style game that involves a penguin, with my MacBook on a full charge. After playing the game for ten minutes, I was surprised to find that the battery had already sucked 12% of my power. Now, some high performance games for Mac, like Call of Duty and Homeworld 2, take up at least 4 times as much battery as the crude SuperTux game I was playing. Some PCs, however, are built to last longer, and for a serious gamer like myself, battery life is a must.

Those 3 reasons cover the basics of why PCs are the better gaming computer. Vista may not run so well, but its games sure do!

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