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A few weeks ago. I used a referral link from a friend to join PayBox. Initially I was a bit skeptical about the authenticity of PayBox – rightly so because of my experience with scams on the Internet, but as I continue to read their blogs and read other articles about PayBox, I am tempted to believe it is the new PayPal.

What is PayBox all about?

I’ve had difficulties trying to explain this to my friends. Mostly I begin by saying; it is the new PayPal but much better (or would be much better I should say). Then we begin to argue about how well PayBox will fare against PayPal which has been in the system for a very long time and has been adopted by many merchants as a safe and reliable payment processing system.

I’ve also heard other school of thoughts claiming this is a scam but I believe my analysis of this new Payment Processing System will change a great number of minds and help take PayBox to the new level.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain

All PayBox demands from (early bird) users is to sign up and automatically receive $25 in their accounts (I guess it was $50 initially). This money accumulates based on your activeness on the website and the number of people you refer to the site via your referral link. You also receive bonuses by taking their surveys and voting on debit card designs.

PayBox also keeps its users updated with current projects and provides a time-line for which they intend to launch the system.

PayBox is asking for nothing more than your activeness to take their system to the next level

Can PayBox pay up all the monies early bird users will accumulate?

Well, I believe they can. Let’s consider how they will do it…

In order to penetrate the market effectively and convince merchants and users around the world to accept their payment system, PayBox would have had to spend millions of dollars in advertisements on various media – and that would still not have yielded much result, considering the “spell” PayPal has already cast on the market.

The alternative – why not share the millions of dollars among early bird testers. That way, they could even spend less and get the users to advertise the system for them. When the user base reaches a targeted number, they can launch the system effectively and convince merchants to accept their processing system.

Moreover, for users to spend the monies accumulated in their PayBox accounts, PayBox will still process payments for the merchants they buy from and I believe that comes with a fee.

PayBox will gain massively when they fully launch this system and it becomes operational and considering the profits they are bound to make, there will be no excuse for not paying up monies accumulated in the early bird user’s accounts.

One thing is for sure. Even if PayBox is a scam, we will not have much to lose because we already spend hours on the Internet doing little or nothing. But if it turns out otherwise, then we have all to gain.

Let’s help take PayBox to the new level

Join through my link if you wish: http://www.paybox.me/r/platinumfelix

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