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Pandora Radio

Pandora.com is a free Web-based Internet radio with an appealing twist. Pandora Radio’s unique technology provides users with custom-built playlists based on their personal preferences. An original concept that has been pivotal to its noteworthy success.

Pandora Radio’s technology is based on the Music Genome Project and works by means of a complicated mathematical algorithm which breaks up a song into several different components to determine its similarity with thousands of other songs. The different components include different aspects of a particular song such as its rhythm, key tonality, lyrical themes, melody, and tempo among other musical characteristics. Based on such similarities between different songs users can thus create their own highly personalised radio station which plays only the music of their choice.

To create their own personalised radio feed users submit the Pandora database with feedback in relation to several songs provided by the website’s intricate mechanism and in this manner users supply the software program with pointers on the artists and songs they prefer. If a user gives the thumbs-down for a song that is played the song is immediately banned from the custom-built radio station, whereas thumbs-up will instruct the Pandora database to play the song and other similar songs again. Up to four hundred different musical attributes are used to match and select songs and artists that correspond to the user’s specific preferences.

Pandora Radio has especially increased its popularity since it is now available as an application on various mobile phones including Apple iPhones and iPods Touch, Blackberry, Android phones and Windows Mobile platforms. Moreover the popular social networking site Facebook also has an application that allows the Pandora Radio to be included on users’ personal profiles. A sidebar gadget compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 is also available.

As regards legal issues, Pandora Radio provides users with direct links to purchase the songs they like in MP3 format from Amazon or iTunes. However, a few copyright issues were inevitable since the website provides access to thousands of songs by different artists for free. Due to royalty issues Pandora Radio is currently limited to those I.P. addresses located within the United States. Nevertheless, Pandora Radio has become immensely popular among different kinds of users.

Pandora Radio caters for varied individual tastes. The Music Genome Project database has access to literally thousands of songs that suit every mood and users can create up to one hundred stations to ensure that they find appropriate music for every occasion.

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