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Palm Pre 2 Specs Leaked

In the mobile phone world that we live in, one thing is for certain: where there is a new phone on the way, there will be a leak. Much like they say about nothing being certain but death and taxes, you can now feel free to add cell phone information leak to that group. Whether it is to get the device some early hype or to build up anticipation for its release, these leaks seem to spring up at well timed intervals, don’t they? Next up on the rumor circuit is the Palm Pre 2. Though Palm has lost its edge recently as a major player in this arena, there is anticipation for their new device.

Why the anticipation? Well, for one, the transitions that have occurred for Palm. If you remember back around a year ago, you recall that Palm was on the verge of bankruptcy and ultimately was bought up by HP. Now with HP on the case and promising to come out with new Palm equipment and to bring the name back to prominence, consumers are eager to see what this new duo will come up with. If the new rumors are to be believed, some exciting changes are in store for consumers who want to once again own a Pre.

Let’s talk the hardware end of things first. The rumor mill has the new Pre 2 coming out with a 1 GHz processor and 512 mb of RAM on this latest incarnation. These numbers can only be viewed as a vast improvement over what the last Palm release had in store for its clients. That last release was really not that long ago but the lack of juice that they installed in their device really contributed to people being turned off by it. This new setup should get some old friends to take a look back at this new Pre 2.

You’re also going to see a new casing possibly if the leaks are true. The design is more in line with where other companies have taken phones of this nature in recent times. The designed is much more refined, and no longer has the extra space that people really did not want to see. There is also a rumor that the Pre 2 has gone more to a flat screen look which makes you think it could be a precursor to them implementing a touchscreen for once, but we will have to wait and see on that one. Some sites have even remarked that the touchscreen thought might actually be for a second phone that could be coming up from Palm in the near future.

Along the same lines as what was just spoken of, their have been two rumored codenames for this newest version floating out there. The previous version had a codename Castle, so there has been rumored a few weeks back that the Pre 2 was going to be called Mansion. However in recent days, roadrunner has also popped up as a possible nickname as well so we will have to wait and see. There is also talk that the USB door which was a pain for previous users of the Pre will now be replaced by just an open slot which will make others happy. It will also be processing the WebOS 2.0 Operating system, which should give the Pre2 much faster results and allow its users the ability to do multiple things at once.

Like was mentioned in earlier points, you really have to take a wait and see approach when it comes to finding out rumor from fact. There are even more tidbits being bandied about, such as push integration especially with Facebook being included. Talk of longer battery life and much improved performance are also out there for people to gnaw on. In the end though, proof will be in what actually arrives at the stores come premiere time. As of this point we don’t know when and what price the Pre 2 will sell for, but at least there is a buzz out there for it, and that is all the company can ask for at this time.

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