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Overview of Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a way to access calendars, conferencing, instant messaging, email, file sharing and Office Web Applications. Email has no advertising. It stores 25GB. It allows users to make video calls and also the computer to make and receive calls and it connects everywhere. File sharing allows co-workers to work together even when separated by distance. It can create a social platform in a business or organization.


Office 365 is a set of monthly subscription based software services. Once installed, the service allow a subscriber to install copies on up to five machines, which can include desk and laptop PCs, Windows tablets and phones and Mac computers. Office 365 Home Premium uses not just Office 2013’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, it adds Publisher and Access. This is only in $20 per month subscription fee.

Additional compatible devices

Microsoft confirms that they are working on Mac OS version. Users can uninstall a device at any time to use another machine. Currently, they do not allow for iPad or iPhone use.


Office 365 includes some automated syncing capabilities with the five machines. SkyDrive will allow the user to access all his documents from all the machines. When subscribed to the service and after the user makes the first payment, the user can download and install software on his computer. This software runs whether the user has an Internet connection or not. The use of the software is a rental rather than ownership of a license from Microsoft. The software periodically checks for the rental payment, by asking the user to sign in regularly. If you do not pay the rental fee, the license expires. The installed software on the user’s machine changes so that he can only read and print documents. The user can no longer edit documents or create new ones. The files remain undamaged and ownership and complete access to them exist, but the user cannot work on them.


The rental fee start at $4 per month for basic email, $6 for plans with all the above features, $8 for additional features with directory and IT phone support or $20 per month for everything plus Office 2010, email archiving, voicemail, line-to-line business connections and Excel services. Office 2013 suite with Publisher and Access-Office Professional-will cost about $400 has the same features.

To get started with Office 365, please refer to Microsoft’s dedicated website for their product/service. Then, choose the plan that best fits your budget and needs. Subscriptions for the $6 per month and $20 per month come with a 90 day and 30 day free trial respectively.

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