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Online Resources Writers Reference Resources

So you want to be a freelance writer? One of the most important things you can do is surround yourself with successful people: people that have done what you want to do. This article introduces some resources I frequently use and that present the criteria for utilizing freelance writer resources.

This first place you need to visit is the About freelance writing guide. Here you can grab a newsletter delivered to your e-mail inbox that focuses on important things you need to know about succeeding as a freelance writer. This site is also a compendium of various resources regarding all aspects of being a freelance writer. Check here often to learn new things and reinforce your skills and business concepts and you have a steady resource you use properly as a freelance writer.

Secondly, visit ChrisBlogging.Com. Chris is a successful freelance writer with a straightforward and laidback approach to genuine success. He is passionate and specific in blogging about the career of a freelance writer. Subscribe and receive a free e-book that every freelance writer launching their career should read. Also, the subscription sends you the blog entries directly to your inbox. Read, and then follow the link to comment. This is a popular blog, so you can communicate with many other freelance writers as well as possibly driving traffic to your own site. Check this blog out as soon as you can, and keep reading everyday (preferably in your e-mail).

Another amazing blog to read daily is NoJobForMom.Com. This blog provides experience and honest reviews of paid writing sites, resources, and skills and techniques regarding a freelance writing career. Read daily and comment to be a part of communication with successful freelancers who make their career goals happen every day – and tell you how!

The final place I recommend to visit is Writing World. These website literally provides a world of freelance writing information, as promised! Find informative and to the point articles regarding anything you want to know about writing. Special interest topics, writing strategies and formats, and career tips from successful freelance writers come together in this easy to use website bursting with information every freelance writer needs to know about.

Remember: These are just a few websites. The internet is full of blogs and resources for and by freelance writers. Keep looking, and you can find as many resources as there are writers. Finding fabulous resources is a waste of time if you don’t use them! Visit often! Really apply the things you see in these websites. Successful writers have created these sites and are providing you with the formulas for succeeding in an amazing career as a freelance writer.

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