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Nissan around View Monitor

As the world’s dependency on technology transcends the analog era, and is undoubtedly compressed, stored, and moved along in something no bigger than a Chicklet, our annual progression in gadget production never fails to entertain the imagination. Unless technologically savvy, most people don’t find these groundbreaking innovations until similar companies are all making knock off copies, or a handful of celebrities start their impending fad. In the attempt to look past the iPhones, and video game consoles released this year, I nominate the Nissan Around View Monitor as the best gadget to hit the market.

How many countless hours have been spent in the pursuit of roadside parking? Ok, in the grand scheme of things, this number is actually going to be pretty low. Bad examples aside, how many expletives have been uttered during an attempt to parallel park? In the attempt to make the parking process easier, as well as improve general driving safety, Nissan has equipped several of their models with the Around View Monitor system. As previously mentioned, once a cut-throat product is released on the market, an instant swarm of copy-cat products are also revealed, and the Around View Monitor is no different. What makes this product stands out however, is that unlike the knock offs found in other car brands, small cameras are mounted on all sides of the car, leaving absolutely no blind spots.

For a better understanding of the Around View Monitor, imagine having to back into a parking space while having a few screaming kids in tow, balloons in the back seat, and stiff neck to match. Looking over your shoulder can be both painful, and deafening, so the Around View Monitor gives the driver the ultimate edge in perspective. With four super wide-angle cameras mounted to all four sides of the car, the Monitor will take the images from these cameras and create a bird’s eye view of the car and place it on the screen in front of you. So no turning around, no taking off the seat belt, and best of all, no random expletives in front of the children! By simply letting the Monitor guide the car between the lines, curb, or boundaries, simple parking lot accidents can be easily avoided.

The last important characteristic of the Around View Monitor is that it allows for improved safety beyond parking demands. Getting out of your car at night, driving through an unsafe neighborhood, or maneuvering through traffic jams, can all hold better outcomes with the use of Nissan’s Around View Monitor. As safety remains as much a priority as technological advancement these days, you can rest assured that up and coming gadgets will serve more than just their desired purpose.

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