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Are you a Nintendo fan? Then this could be your new world in the net, NintendoLand.com.

Made for every Nintendo enthusiast, NintendoLand offers its avid fans different options from reading Nintendo game reviews to knowing everything about Mario. NintendoLand though is not an official site of Nintendo Inc. Its contents and design are provided by Marcus and Mattias Liedholm of Sweden and in their disclaimer, they had reiterated that they are in no way connected with Nintendo Inc. They started this site in the year 1997.

With their tagline, “the best site for information about Nintendo’s classic video games”, is this website truly living up to its claim?

Let’s find out.

The site gives useful facts about the Nintendo System. It shows a detailed discussion about its history and technical specifications. Not only that, it also gives comprehensive reviews of every game included in the Nintendo System such as Baseball, Donkey Kong, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, of course the Mario Bros and many more. It also gives some brief information about some Nintendo Consoles such as the Nintendo Virtual Boy and Gameboy.

Under the Information section, different articles are published. It had written intriguing articles such as the Secrets of the Wii and Nintendo DSi as to will it be another flop or will it be a success this time? For the Fun and Facts section, it included the concise history of how Nintendo got its name. It had also shown statistics and records as to what game was the most sold of all time. A table as to how many consoles and games were sold was also included. Different profiles of different game characters were also cited. There is also a forum section where gamers could give out there opinions, express their likes and dislikes about a certain game. A Fan Art section is dedicated for those who wants to have see unique character game graphics. But it seems like the best section in this site is the Mario Mania which is said the be a huge section of anything about Mario. It gives us information about the man behind Mario, the birth of Mario, his enemies, his famous quotes, merchandise and you can even download Emulators, ROMs, Wallpapers, Cursors and Fonts.

There are still pages though that are not yet completed. If you are to open Game & Watch and the Gameboy Advance links you’ll get “This page / section is undergoing construction!” error. Some articles are also repeated like the technical specifications of some game consols.

Certainly, this site can provide us sufficient information with regards to Nintendo classic video games. But there are still a lot of improvements needed like repairing those broken links. And if they could make a section where one could play an online game, this site will be even better.

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