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New Firefox 4 for Android available now

Firefox 4 is not only a dream come true for desktop computer users: it is now a reality for mobile users as well. The new browser brings many of the powerful features of the full-size Firefox 4 browser to Android-powered smartphones and tablets as well as to the Nokia N900 Maemo handset, according to the Mozilla Web site (http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/mobile/download/).

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The ability to have the Firefox Web browser on computers at home, at the office, and on the go offers users a consistent experience, saving time and boosting productivity.

Like Mozilla Firefox 4 for the desktop, Firefox 4 for Android and Nokia are beta products, meaning that they are not considered stable versions intended for use by the general public. Still, being in the fifth beta release, the newest version of Firefox is much improved over its initial iteration, making it a good candidate for getting familiar with the latest in browser technology.

In the latest version

With the latest beta version of Firefox 4 mobile browser, users now enjoy smoother panning and zooming. The app also starts faster, loads Web pages more quickly, and boasts enhanced JavaScript for what could be the best experience to date by a Mozilla mobile product.

Another feature now available in the Mozilla Firefox 4 mobile platform is the famous Firefox Sync, a module that allows users to access their bookmarks from anywhere, using either desktop or mobile versions of the Firefox 4 browser.

When Firefox Sync is in use, users also have access to their browsing history and stored passwords. The connection between the Firefox browser and the online data repository is fully encrypted, improving the confidence and security associated with the program.

Other improvements include the ability to move both the application and user profiles to a device’s secure digital expansion card, less memory usage, CPU optimization, and a more stable user interface.

Firefox 4 support

The latest versions of both the PC and Android based versions of Firefox 4 support HTML 5 and CSS, giving developers unprecedented flexibility while designing applications for the Web.

Future plans

Future beta versions of Mozilla Firefox 4 are expected in coming weeks, with a released version expected well before the end of the year.

Other mobile platforms such as Apple’s iOS will have to wait for now. Development of a browser compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch does not seem to be in progress at this time, although Mozilla does have a product called Firefox Home for iOS that is intended to integrate the Apple Safari browser with Firefox bookmarks and browsing history.

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