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Network marketing is all about building relationships. The first step to failure in network marketing is approaching family. The old school model of this business is get started fast by approaching our warm market. The leaders who sponsor us into the business advise us to make a list of all the people we know. Unfortunately for those new to any business will have a list that mainly consist of family members.

Our dreams and aspirations to obtain network marketing success can be quickly shattered by love ones.this can be very discouraging because the rejection and lack of support is coming from a group of people who should be our biggest fans. This is even more troubling because those who seem to be successful in network marketing gave us the instructions that are not working.

Love ones are not the best people to approach because they love us. In other words our love ones seemingly negative reaction is generally an attempt to protect us. Let’s face it since we were old enough to communicate the most common word we heard from family was no. Why would we think that would change now that we are in the network marketing business?

Another reason love ones are not always the best people to approach is our lack of influence and close familiarity with them. It is difficult for them to see us as being a business person and accepting our business advice. Our love ones want to protect us and they don’t want us to get hurt so they don’t join us in business.

Our love ones tell us all the reasons network marketing will not work and the reasons we we need to give up. It is difficulty not to listen because they are family. The advice they give is not based on facts but it is based upon concern for us making a big mistake. Although we have the facts and information our confidence can be impacted negatively by our love ones.

Network marketing and family areusually difficult to manage because of the personal relationshipscreate boundary issues that are not conducive to building a sound business. In most business ventures the entrepreneur seeks the best qualified partners to join them . It should be no different in network marketing. Love ones are not always the best qualified people we know. if we are serious about business it makes since not to approach love ones simply because they are a part of our warm market.

In addition when we approach love ones we run out of people to talk to. In the network marketing if there is no one to talk to we cease to have a business.Love ones should be put into proper perspective when it comes to building your network marketing business. Everyone is a prospect when you are in business but everyone is not a business partner. Our love ones should not be the main group of people we approach to build our business.

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