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Network Marketing Prospecting – “Looking for Gold”

“Everyone is your prospect” is just about as true as Elvis just drove by on a bicycle. Who should you really be prospecting in your Network Marketing Business?

In my opinion, Webster’s dictionary best defines network marketing prospecting. According to them, the definition of prospecting is “looking for gold.” It’s not worded precisely that way, but the interpretation is the same. Your network marketing prospecting should be no different.

Traditional methods have taught us that everyone is a potential prospect. Think about this for a minute. When you joined your network marketing company, one of the first things you were told was to talk to your friends and family and to as many people you could about your business. You probably even made a list, and dug deep… like looking up old college friends, previous work acquaintances, and so on.

You probably also went out of your way to strike up conversations with virtual strangers, hoping it would eventually lead to an introduction of your business opportunity and the product you were selling. You had clearly convinced yourself that the Starbucks Barista, the dentist’s secretary, the mailman, the nice couple walking their dog ” would be so interested in your network marketing business, as soon as you got the chance to tell them about it.” You wanted to add as many people to your down line as possible, because you believed that reflected success.

I know. I believed that garbage too at one time.

Everyone is not your prospect, and until you come to terms with that, you will never be successful in your Network Marketing business. Here’s why.

Have you ever stopped to think?

Some people actually love their job and are not looking for a new opportunity…

Some people think they already make too much money…

Some people don’t have time to learn a new business…

Some people make “just about” the right amount of money…so “they’re all set.”

“Everyone is your prospect” is just about as true as Elvis just drove by on a bicycle.

The bottom line is, stop wasting your precious time prospecting and chasing everybody you know. You may not have realized this, but you’re wasting their valuable time too.

The Secret to prospecting for your network marketing company is:

You should be prospecting leaders as well as Network Marketers…

Prospect people who have goals, are driven, and have an intense desire to succeed. Leaders in your network marketing company will have the ability to lead and to educate others, and the cycle will be recurring. Just imagine how effortless it will be to network with people who think like you think, lead like you lead, and are so intently focused on their goals, they will never quit. Failure is not an option to these prospects. Success is their only goal, and they will move mountains and walk through fire to get there.

Finding people like this is like finding a treasure chest full of gold. They will become priceless to you and to your network marketing business.

Start bringing leaders into your MLM. Books have been written andNetwork Marketing Training Courses are available to teach you how to recognize real leaders. This will be one of the secrets you must implement in order to transform your struggling MLM nightmare into the profitable, almost effortless business it was intended to be.

Think of prospecting for your business as an Olympic sport…and “Go for the Gold!”

To Capturing Your Gold Medal…

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