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Everyone seems to have a MySpace page these days and those that do not are probably thinking about getting one. Online communities are the world’s newest obsession. It is no longer about talking to each other face to face or even by phone, but instead we send each other comments on MySpace to let someone know how we are doing or what we think about something. Moreover, more and more people are starting to use MySpace to find out how others are doing and especially what they are doing and with whom they are doing it.

If someone does not have a private MySpace profile, anyone and everyone can see who their friends are and what they are all talking about. Not only can you look at that person’s page, you can also easily have a peek into all of their friends’ MySpace pages, and their friends’ pages. Before you know it, you basically know what everyone in your town or at your university gets up to. That is the main problem with MySpace, people seem to forget, or they just do not care, that everyone can read the comments that they are sending to each other. This would not be so problematic if people would only refrain from talking about personal stuff.

But no, so many people feel the need to send MySpace comments about their love life or their relationship problems or worse even, about other people’s love lives and relationship problems. I have heard too many people say that they actually keep track of what their ex girlfriends or boyfriends get up to via MySpace. It is getting a little bit out of hand and the only thing you can do to stop your exes, your family or complete strangers from reading what you are telling people and what they are telling you, is to hide your MySpace comments.

Just hide your MySpace comments and only you and the person who is sending you a comment can read it. It prevents anyone else from reading your comments and drawing all sorts of conclusions from it. You no longer have to worry about your friends finding out who is sending you comments, your ex girlfriend can no longer check how your new relationship is going, and complete strangers who have no business knowing about your business won’t be able to anymore.

There really is no good reason for you to keep your MySpace comments public, unless of course you actually enjoy the whole world knowing about what you get up to. In that case, by all means keep your MySpace comments public, but for anyone else I would say: Hide those comments now and save yourself a lot of hassle later.

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