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Myspace Group Reviews Hardcore Christians Living Hardcore

Myspace.com Groups is a section of the massively popular social networking site that consists of self sufficient forums where like minded individuals can share and debate, chat and interact, with their virtual fellows. Each individual group has its own homepage which often features an introduction to the goals of the group and displays the most recently posted forum threads.

Hardcore Christians – Living Hardcore (HC) is one of the largest religious groups on Myspace.com, and the third largest Christian group, with a membership numbering over 87,000 it forms a substantial online Christian group.

The term “hardcore” in the group title refers to the Christian practice of living strictly by the Bible or living in what could be thought of as a strictly Christian way. The term is popular with young Christians, having its roots in modern colloquial language.

Despite the double reference to living hardcore Christianity in the title, the group is open to all despite its status as a private membership group. If a member of Myspace.com applies to join the group, the moderator inevitable approves unless the potential member is clearly a bot or using the website for promotional purposes.

Welcoming Christians and non-Christians alike, and the large membership of the group has lead to some of the flaws in the group. While it has a diverse and eclectic membership, this often leads to strife and sarcastic or overly disrespectful replies to honest questions and attempts and debate. Many seem to use the group solely as a platform for questioning and attacking the beliefs of others; one of the reasons why many members of the group assume there are very few Christians present – its not that they are not members of the group, just that they choose to post little to avoid conflict.

This conflict means that if someone is looking for an open and respectful debate on spirituality, it is better to go elsewhere. While many will reply appropriately to any questions or topics raised, it is often necessary to filter through many nuisance and sarcastic or otherwise unwanted posts to reach the real answers. The problem is so bad that on the homepage of the group, the moderator actually states that “A lot of new people come into the group expecting a nice little Christian group. With the amount of members here it would be almost impossible to keep it that way.”

Like the group itself implies, if you’re looking for a purely Christian group to discuss topics of spirituality in a respectful atmosphere, look elsewhere.


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