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Mp3 Players in School

So I have never understood why school administrations freak out about mp3 players. Sure, if a student has one out while the teacher is lecturing, thats one thing. But disallowing the use of mp3 players during lunch or even during work time within classrooms seems highly excessive and unnecessary.

My high school wasn’t really this excessive, in fact I guess you could call it highly ‘liberal’ when it came to mp3 players and cell phones. Basically, it was the teachers discretion when it came to mp3 players, and cell phones had to be turned off during class. Of course, the majority of my teachers didn’t really care about cell phones, but that part didn’t affect me since I didn’t have a cell phone. I can’t think of a single situation where mp3 players were a distraction, and I can count on one hand the number of times cell phones were a distraction. And my class wasn’t one of those freaky, well-disciplined classes either, we had our share of troublemakers. The worst that ever happened with an mp3 player was it being too loud and the teacher having to tell the student to turn it down. Ironically, one of the few classes I had that didn’t allow them was PE.

I think that the reason some school administrations disallow mp3 players is to ‘take care’ of the students. What this really means is that the administrations choose to baby the students. Principals and teachers that don’t allow these devices are making it their personal responsibility to be sure that students pay attention. High school students are almost adults. High school is the point where teachers should stop “holding students’ hands,” so to speak. I can understand not allowing them while the teacher is lecturing; that is kind of disrespectful. But not allowing them during times when students are working or reading is going overboard, and not allowing them during lunch and break is something I will never even begin to understand.

Another, even less valid reason that some administrations don’t allow mp3 players is the possibility that it might get stolen. Again, I don’t see how this is the administration’s problem, If it gets stolen, that’s the student’s problem and the student’s fault. Mp3 players are easy enough to keep with you, a high school student be able to take responsibility for his or her property.

Not allowing mp3 players during tests is a grey area for me. On one hand music allows some people to concentrate better. On the other, mp3 players can be used as a cheating device. I can understand a teacher not allowing them during tests, but honestly, if a student is going to try that hard to cheat in high school, I say just let them. The majority of my teachers didn’t seem concerned about this possibility and allowed mp3 players during tests; even some of the hard noses that didn’t allow them at any other time.

This is an issue I get overly passionate about. I am a firm believer in the principle that as near adults, high school students should basically be treated as adults. It just really irks me that some schools have ridiculous rules like not allowing mp3 players and cell phones.

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