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Model Horse Websites

Fallen-leaves.net has nothing to do with leaves, plants, or gardening, as the name might imply. Rather, it is a website dedicated to the model horse hobby. If you have anything more than just a passing interest in model horses, then you will surely love fallen-leaves.net. This has got to be one of the best, if not the absolute best, websites relating to the hobby in existence. It is thorough, in-depth, and very informative.

Of course, as with many sites, only registered members have access to certain parts, but even unregistered visitors have plenty to see and do here. The home page has news and other interesting tidbits that’s currently going on in the model horse world. There are short articles about specific models or artists on the front page, often accompanied with photos.

Other pages contain classified ads, blogs, or games (members only), or links to other related and interesting websites. But the most “meat” on this site is in the extensive and well-constructed discussion forums.

In the forums you will find just about any information on model horses you can dream up. The section under ‘Original Finish’ is for discussions on common plastic models such as Breyer, Hartland, and Peter Stone, as well as others. These are the models that are often thought of as toys (with the exception of Stone models), although many people of all ages collect them as decorative pieces for their own beauty as well.

There is also a section for “Artist Resin’, which are highly sought-after and often rather expensive. These types of models are never considered toys, due to both the cost and because they are very fragile. Resin horses are real works of art, and usually are produced in limited quantities. Often these are sold unpainted so that the end buyer can finish them as desired.

Many model horse people enjoy re-making horses or even sculpting them from scratch. There are helpful forums here for the artists as well; and even tips and techniques on painting, finishing, and customizing model horses.

Of course, people who make or collect model horses usually collect other horsey things as well, and there is a section for that here as well, under ‘Other Horse Collectibles’. This is the place to talk or read about any kind of equine collectibles.

If you still can’t find the content you’re looking for, try looking under ‘General Model Horse’. That’s where anything that doesn’t quite fit in the other forums will be found.

Of course, as with most any online forum, there is also a ‘General Discussion’ section, as well as one for members to tell about their real-life horses and other pets. This is only a fraction of the content on this site and its forums- there is much, much more.

And of course, if you have any questions about the model horse hobby that you still haven’t found a satisfactory answer to, all you have to do is become a registered member and ask. You will be welcomed by a friendly, informed community happy to help you out.

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