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Making a great personalised gift

If you want to put together photos on a CD which can be viewed with a DVD player, it’s very feasible. In fact, there are programs for the computer that help you do just that. Photo2VCD is a program that is intuitive and very easy to use. Although it isn’t free, it is worthwhile having because of the possibilities it opens up, especially at Christmas. Gather together family photos, or photos of events which have happened over the year, and place them onto a CD to send to friends. You don’t even need a DVD writer to do this, since the information is stored on an ordinary CD designed to use with a computer and the program cleverly turns that into DVD format.

To begin the process you will need to download and pay for the program, but it’s well worth the small amount being asked. Once you have it, you merely open the program and follow the easy to use instructions to set up the region for the DVD. This stage is quite important, since different areas have different systems for DVD. Look through the choices, and simply tick off the box that applies in your case.

The next thing that you choose is transitions. These are the intervals or movements between the photographs and there are a lot to choose from. If you are unsure of which you want, you can actually add these after you have added the images, so don’t worry too much. The neat thing about the program is that it allows you to visualize those effects and has a built in image so that you can see what each of the effects does. These transitions can also be random, so that the slide-show gives a variety of effects. For images which are sized differently to others, you also need to pick a background color which will display behind the photograph to bring it to the same size as other images. This is particularly important when visualized on a television which is a larger format in general than the computer, so be careful to choose colors which are neutral so that your photographs are shown off in the best way.

Adding images is easy. The Import photos button is at the top of the screen. Here you can run through your images and choose which ones you want. It isn’t important about the format of the photos or the size because the program allows for a large amount of pixels thus keeping your photographs in a really good sharp state for viewing. Keep adding photographs until you have sufficient for the slide show.

Editing the images or moving them around is very easy indeed. If you change the format to thumbnails, what you see is what you get, and the images, instead of being shown as numbers, will show up in image format large enough to see so that you can drag and drop images to the right place on your CD. This is a great way of ordering the photos so that the slide-show runs in the order required or a logical sequence.

Adding background music

This is one of the neatest things with this program. Not only will your photographs be seen on the television of the recipient, but you can choose a background track for your photographs. The music will continue until the end of the slide show, so if you have a long slide show try to think of musical tracks which are not too irritating. Neutral background music works best. To upload the music, press the background music tab and choose the track from your computer. You can preview, so if you make the wrong choice, this isn’t important at this stage.

Making a menu

A slide show can be started with a menu and there are menus already provided with the program which can be personalized by following the instructions on the screen. These are the equivalent of the menu on a DVD and the user of the slide show will be able to use their remote control to choose which chapter of the slide show they wish to watch, meaning that you can split the DVD into different sections, or simply have all the images in one slide show.


This feature allows you to look at the images as the viewer will see them. If you notice any which need adjustment, this is a good time to take note of distortions etc., in images which can be put right simply. To adjust them, simply double click the image when you have finished the preview and then adjust the image so that it shows in its actual size rather than being stretched over the screen.

Once you get accustomed to using this program, it’s a very intuitive one and will give you even more ideas for Christmas gifts for family and friends which are personalized and which are also very welcomed by recipients as being something unique. The program has also been used to produce slide shows which can be used on websites such as YouTube and is well worth the small amount paid for it. The after sales service is also superb and you can rest assured that if you change computers and need to reinstall the program, you will be assisted in your endeavors by helpful staff. It’s a gift which is indeed special and worth the initial outlay.

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