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Live Hold Em Poker

Ever since the demise of Red Poker Club over the summer, the Android poker scene has been somewhat quiet in terms of high quality online poker clients. Live Hold ’em by Dragon attempts to fill this void but how does it perform?

Before you can play Live Hold ’em you will need to sign in. You can opt to create a brand new account or you can log in using your Facebook credentials to speed things along. The advantage of the Facebook method is that it allows you to use your current Facebook profile picture as your poker avatar rather than having to upload a brand new photo.

Once logged in, it’s time to join a table. Much like Red Poker Club, tables are split into categories of small, medium, large, big and high roller tables. This will allow novice players to avoid the big game players as they are likely to be playing at the higher stakes tables. On joining a table, if you have ever played Red Poker Club, thinks will look familiar as Live Hold ’em uses the same skin. Tables are five handed meaning that you have a pretty good chance of winning each hand providing you play it well. When you play, you are awarded experience points which again, help you determine who the serious players are compared to the players just having a game for fun. You can click on any other player at your table to get more information about them such as overall chip stack and experience level. You can also buy virtual gifts for these players as well as adding them to your buddy list, making them easier to find in future sessions.

As well as playing poker, you can also chat to fellow players at your table via the chat window. This is slightly limited as it only shows three lines of chat and this is also used to broadcast what each player has decided in terms of gameplay. As this moves quickly, it is very easy to miss a message and although you can scroll back through the dialogue, it is not something you want to be doing too often.

Live Hold ’em is an excellent game of poker for your Android powered smartphone. It bears an uncanny resemblance to Red Poker Club in every aspect but does have some slight differences such as the Facebook login integration. This is easily the best poker game currently available on Android and if you are a lover of the game or just a novice finding their way, you will not be disappointed with Live Hold ’em.

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