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Linkedin Surpasses 100 Million Users

Professional social networking site LinkedIn reached a milestone today by tallying 100 million users. The numbers speak for themselves as the company reaches for an IPO in coming months.

Without a doubt, LinkedIn has found its own niche in the modern online world of social networking. Although some workers and employers have seen success finding jobs and employees on other outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn caters specifically to businesses and business people, connecting resources and workers with the people they need to know.

Accelerating growth

Just a few months ago when LinkedIn filed its preliminary IPO paperwork, the company said that it had just 90 million users, suggesting that the company is growing by more than a million users per month. In fact, tech Web site Mashable says that the company has dramatically increased in popularity after reaching the 50 million user mark. Its second 50 million came just 18 months later, showing that the Web property continues to build value; a good sign for investors and users alike. Mashable says that the site now adds a new user with every passing second.

Interesting statistics

New statistics released by LinkedIn encourage the media to revel in the company’s success. For example, more than half of all LinkedIn users come from outside the United States, showing that the professional networking site has worldwide appeal. Additionally, LinkedIn is experiencing the fastest rate of growth among non-U.S. users.

The times when people log on to LinkedIn are especially revealing when it comes to the site’s mission. Most users are active during business hours, with a spike in usage occurring around noon. This suggests that the majority of users are engaged with the site for business rather than personal purposes in mind.

Interestingly, the bulk of the site’s mobile users log on in the evenings.

The largest slice (one-fifth) of LinkedIn users are employed in service-oriented companies. Technology and finance workers are evenly split, with each accounting for just fewer than 10% of LinkedIn users for a total of just fewer than 20%. A lot of teachers are signed up for LinkedIn, but their numbers account for just 1% of the site’s users right now.

With so many business resources and contacts available in one place, there is no wonder why the site is so popular. Its valuation continues to grow as does its user base while serving up more than 5 billion page views every day.

Although LinkedIn is still small compared to some other social networking enterprises, the company is alive and well and shows only signs of continued growth.

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