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Everyone wants to get on the bandwagon and download music and movies from all over the world for free. Programs like Limeware not only encourage users to do this, but they also encourage people to break the law. While there are those who argue that if software manufacturers create these programs for users to take advantage of, there is no harm done, this is not a valid argument when faced with fines for the downloads that you perform. This article goes into the legalities and also into the dangers of Limeware, as there are many areas which are not clear to Internet users.

• Geographical differences

Did you know that while in one country it may be legal to download paid for items, it will mean differences in law depending upon where you live. As a general rule, if you can download material which is protected by copyright law without payment, then you are breaking the law. The makers of movies do not give away their programs free of charge, and believing that they do is absurd.

• Movies

The Internet is being searched for people who share copyrighted material. Did you know that your home can be entered and searched if violations occur? They can and they do on a regular basis. This must be sufficient deterrent for those who share their movies with other Internet users and yet day after day, millions of people across the world flaunt these copyright rules and share movies which are newly released.

There is no financial gain to be made from allowing your files to be copied, but the price of being caught can be enormous. The authorities are looking for those people who share big time and if you are among these, it may be worth re-thinking your sharing as it could cost you dearly.

• Music

By the same token, newly released music and music from established artists is not given away for free. Often people browse torrent sites, though the torrent sites (or many of them) gain money from you clicking on advertisements for porn sites, as well as offering you free downloads. Much of what you find on these sites can be downloaded legally, though you should look for sites which ask you a fee per track, or if in doubt go to reputable sites like Amazon and listen to tracks, before buying them. Music is not produced so that Limewire users can copy them for free, and it is against the law.

• Accidental file sharing

Did you know that if you do not take care of your settings, you can share whatever is on your computer with total strangers? Some people, with very little knowledge of how the settings work, let themselves in for vulnerability of their information simply by ticking the wrong box in the settings area, and sharing files they had no intention of sharing.

• Records

Similarly, the record of what you downloaded is shown in the history section of Limewire and even long after you deleted it, the trace that you actually downloaded is noted on your version of Limewire, making detection of illegal downloaders even easier for the authorities. You can delete the trace, though it takes patience and most users do not bother with deleting the records.

What you download goes into a share folder, which means that you are then breaking the law even further by sharing the things which you have downloaded, perhaps unknowingly.

• Personal Information

The details on your computer are not safe while you do not pay attention to the software. Often people share things unintentionally and by doing so risk their personal information getting out onto the internet, like files containing passwords and other security information. It is vital to be aware of this trend and to protect your computer from sending out information of a personal nature.

• Adware and Spyware

Nothing comes for free. Adware and Spyware look at the pattern of your online behavior and know what you are doing. It’s like inviting a stranger into your home and asking them to help themselves to your possessions. Protect yourself with programs like Spybot and Ad-Aware and make sure that you run them regularly to avoid problems.

• Viruses

Just because a file says it is of a certain nature doesn’t mean it is. There are malicious files out there which can harm your computer. Even an innocent looking MP3 can turn out to be a Trojan. Always make sure that you have your virus protection up to date, and that you never download through Limewire without at least trying to preview the music, since chances are it isn’t the music you thought it was.

Programs like Limewire are downloaded by people and used by consumers to get something for free. There are other downloaders who charge for their software, and who are even more unethical than Limewire, though the most unethical behavior comes from those who believe they are entitled to something for nothing. Downloading legally saves you the problem of worrying about whether your computer will be invaded by viruses, illegal copies, etc., and gives you peace of mind. There are downloading sites out there which allow downloads in a legal manner, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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