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Latest Phones Latest Phone Palm Pre

Latest Phones from Palm – The Pre, a Consumer Review

Latest Phones of the well known company the Palm introduced the Pre version of smart-phone possesses a style of its own. Starting with the design and to the operating system (WebOS) its an impressive product which is worth giving a closer look. Another main or key feature so to speak is the physical keyboard that comes with it and most of the other latest phones seems to ignore and include a onscreen buttons.

The multitasking ability that comes with it is an added advantage and this is again something that most of the other products lack. As mentions earlier it looks small with it rounded edges and certainly looks beautiful. The display area consists of 3.1″. And the color depths is second to none (a staggering 24bit). And the surface is touch sensitive too. It’s a light device and with the battery the weight is 135 grams and fits nicely on the hand too. And when viewed through a certain angle the curved outer body looks really nice.This is one of the well designed latest phones and should receive some “stars” for that.

Among other main qualities the responsiveness of the applications were very satisfying. The home page included many utilities such as Calculator, Contacts, MMS/SMS and many other software. The memory capacity was also very good. By default there is an 8GB card but the usable storage is restrained to 7 Gigabytes (this is due to the mobile phones system usage).

The camera was has a 3.2 MPX readings and the image quality was good. However for some reason there is no flash. So if you capture while there are some nice background light this won’t be a problem but when it comes to taking pictures in darker situations this is a bad move. However it should have been there as most of the other latest phones “do” come with it.

The clearance of the calls was very good. The background buzz was reduced to a greater extent. Inserting numbers can be done through the on-display keypad or by using the real buttons. Other major functions like 3G and WiFi are there and the internet browsing was also very good. The battery is capable of holding things together for about five or to six hours which is reasonable. Anyway when not needed always make sure to turn off power hungry apps and networks.

So to finish this gadget starting from the attractive design, excellent call quality and rich networks, etc but with a low quality capturing device, so if you can be at peace with that this is one of the best latest phones out there.

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