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Kneber Virus

Beware of the Kneber virus

These days, cyber attacks are reported worldwide so that unsuspecting individuals can become aware of new and unique cyber threats and viruses as soon as they occur. In February 2010, a new computer virus infected over 75,000 computers all over the world, and it was reported in every major news outlet so that everyday computer users could be made aware of the threat. The virus is known at the “Kneber virus” or “Kneber botnet” and it is one of the most powerful and sophisticated computer viruses imaginable. The Kneber Virus is dangerous because it has the capability of recording personal login information, and other sensitive material from financial and social networking websites as well as personal e-mail accounts.

Where does the Kneber virus come from?

According to cyber security sources, the Kneber virus or Kneber botnet originated in Europe and China. It is said to be a newer version of the Zeus Spyware virus, which causes relentless pop-up ads to appear on your computer screen. But the Kneber virus is much more sophisticated than the Zeus Spyware virus because cyber hackers can use it to gain access into personal e-mail accounts and financial databases. The virus has now spread all over the world, and your computer may be also be at risk.

What is the Zeus Spyware virus?

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the Zeus Spyware virus is listed as one of the top five computer viruses in the world. It originated in Eastern Europe and was developed in order to infect a variety of different computers on a large scale. The Kneber virus uses a piece of the Zeus Spyware in order to specifically target and compromise thousands of government and financial institutions across the globe. This particular piece of the Zeus Spyware virus allows the user to take complete control over another computer through what is known as “virtual network computing.” The Zeus Spyware virus was first detected in 2007 and many cyber security and protection companies have been busy developing removal software programs ever since. However, much like anything else, most computer viruses have continued to evolve and cyber criminals are finding new and unique ways to alter them in order to circumvent virus security removal and protection programs.

How do you know if the Kneber virus has infected your computer?

The Kneber virus can only infect Window operating systems, or computers that are running Windows XP Professional SP2. As part of the “botnet” family, the Kneber virus basically turns a regularly working computer into a complete zombie. As a result, the computer won’t function properly, and will act as if there is no life in it. The Kneber spreads when one “zombie” computer communicates with another computer, either through an e-mail message or a social networking site, and attempts to turn that computer into a zombie as well. The spreading of this unique Kneber botnet happens quite fast, and most users don’t even realize that their computer has been infected.

Protecting Your Machine

A good way to protect yourself from an impending Kneber virus attack is to be proactive. Change all of your Facebook and social networking passwords, as well as your passwords for your personal e-mail and financial accounts.

Unfortunately, most malware protection programs are not yet equipped to detect this particular virus because it is so new. Since you may not even know if your computer has been infected, it is best to download a reliable Kneber virus removal program, essentially a good antivirus program, in order to completely remove the botnet from your computer so that your personal information isn’t compromised and to ensure you do not infect other computers.

It is important to make sure that you are downloading removal programs from a reliable source. Many security programs have observed that cyber criminals are creating fake websites that actually host rogue antivirus software that has the Kneber virus embedded in the code. When you download these rogue antivirus software programs, you will actually be downloading the Kneber virus right onto your computer. Be vigilant when it comes to protecting yourself and your information from Trojans, botnets and other viruses.

Learn everything you can about the Kneber virus and how you can successfully remove Kneber botnets from your computer.

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