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Is the Anonymous Facebook Attack Plot Real will Anonymous Attack Facebook

Anonymous is a group of hackers with activist goals. Their campaigns have temporarily brought down the banks, Internet service providers and others who have given hard times to the Wikileaks organization.

Now Anonymous is said to be planning to attack Facebook in retaliation for taking down their pages, repeatedly violating the general membership’s personal privacy, and other undefined actions. Joe Pompeo of The Cutline Blog believes that he has the real story behind the attack. In his account, a rogue element of the Anonymous group posted a plan and discussed having an attack in anger, but later took the posting down. Over time, remnants of the post began to spread and the rumors escalated that the attack was actually going to happen.

The attack is rumored to be scheduled for November 5, which is Guy Fawkes Day in Great Britain. Guy Fawkes was a Catholic who plotted with some anarchists to assassinate King James I and to restore a Catholic ruler to the throne of England. The plot was dubbed “The Gunpowder Plot of 1605”. Fawkes was caught in hiding with the stash of gunpowder and was sentenced to a gruesome death by hanging, drawing and quartering. He managed to jump away and hang himself during the hanging part of the execution and died before the drawing and quartering could be carried out.

Every year, Great Britain’s Guy Fawkes celebrations include bonfires, burning effigies and fireworks. The film “V For Vendetta” popularized the Guy Fawkes mask, which is now a symbol for the anonymity of protesters, revolutionaries and so called “Hactivists”.

The Twitter feeds include many conflicting ideas and announcements that are creating much confusion. Some tweets indicate that the attack has been called off, while others are asking if there will even be an attack. Even more are announcing that an attack will happen. One speculation is that the confusion is being generated to allow “plausible deniability” should someone actually do something.

Many members of Anonymous came out against the plot, which at one point threatened a mass deletion of member accounts. The plot goes against many Anonymous members’ personal standards of helping, rather than hurting people.

But then someone posted the frightening You Tube video and the rumors came back to life. Now it looks as if some type of attack could actually be carried out because someone wants to go forward with any type of action.

At this point, only one thing is clear: that plots within plots; fake plots; abandoned plots; and possible plots will be of concern to Facebook and its members until November 6 at the earliest.

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