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Is Google the best Search Engine Google – Yes

Google is really the best search engine out there. It is fast, reliable, easy to use, free of cost and user-friendly. Google is one of the most profitable online companies and the reason for this is their search engine which is one of the most visited websites in the world.

• The Google Query System

To judge a search engine, one must know how and why the search engines lists some sites on the top and some sites on the last page when doing a query. Google uses a link system to list the sites on the top. This means that site which has been recommended by other sites and blogs for the keywords gets listed on the top. Not just that but websites which are updated frequently also get a higher rank on Google. This way whenever you search for a keyword you will get the latest and most of the times the best available site on the first page. Other search engines list sites which pay them a fee, or sites which are the most valuable in terms of profit, but Google has used a unique system which gives you better results than other search engines.

Google does not ask for a price to favor a certain site over the other, but simply lists the site which is updated, contains information related to the keyword and has been recommended by other sites. This way even blogs created with WordPress or blogspot are listed in the search since they also can be useful in providing information.

• The Google Website and Features

Google is also fast and easy to use. The search bar is right in the middle and GOOGLE is written clearly on the top of the search bar which attracts the user right towards the search bar. The sub sections such as images and news are smaller than the search bar, but still visible to the user. It also has some features such as “I am feeling Lucky” which takes you straight to the first site and “Pages From Your Country” which lists sites only from your country and can be very useful when you need to read about the latest elections, find a job near your area or simply want to read a blog created by someone in your country.

Another user-friendly feature that Google provides is the option of storing your searches for future use. For example if you searched for “Making money” and found some interesting websites and let’s assume that next time you searched you forgot about the keywords you used. If you enable the option of storing your searches then “Making Money” will get listed as soon as you type the letter M, making it faster for you to search without typing the whole phrase. This feature is especially useful when using a long phrase to search for an item such as the lyrics of a song.

These features are lacking in other search engines which simply use one plain search bar with a limited number of other options. In terms of advertising, the actual Google page does not contain any advertisements. The search results have a few advertisements listed on the right side and you must have noticed that they are mostly text ads. This is because banner ads can make your internet slower if you do not have a graphics card and also distract you when you are researching for an important project.

• The Google Filter

Now comes the filtering part. Google uses a filter system to avoid listing sites which are illegal such as sale of drugs, ammunition, black markets, etc. It also blocks torrent downloads of books which are basically an online copy of book completely free without the publisher rights. Google filters are very strong and make your internet experience much safer and faster. Sometimes it will also warn you if you are searching for something illegal.

Since Google is one of the most commonly used search engines, sites always try to get a higher ranking and as a result they improve their content, use more specific information and use Google Keywords to provide information that you need. Not only has Google made searching internet easier, but it has also improved the content of websites because of the way Google ranks the websites.

In conclusion, Google is the best search engine out there which is safe, quick, legal, free and easy to use for any search. What are you waiting for? Visit wwww.google.com now to search for absolutely anything and you will find everything that internet has to offer.

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