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Ipod Touch 4 Review

The iPod was Apple’s star product and is what caused Apple to get market share in almost everything that they made after they created the iPod. The iPod is the mp3 player with the largest market share, no doubt. This is a detailed review on the iPod Touch 4G

The iPod Touch 4 by Apple, which runs Apple’s native iOS firmware is an extremely useful and addictive device, no matter how evil Apple’s marketing is, the iPod Touch is a brilliant device, the day I broke mine, in a week I went back and bought another one. Although, it does have it’s flaws.

Some basic facts:

The iPod touch comes in 3 memory sizes, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, I always go for 8 because I don’t have that much data. It was made by Apple Inc. And is currently at version 4 running iOS 4.2. It has the Apple A4 1.00GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. It has 2 cameras.

And now on with the review:

The iPod Touch feel quite nice holding it in the hand, and is something you could hold in your hands and type with for hours, the keyboard does take some getting used to, because the keys are quite small. The device is quite thin, and makes for a very portable device. Although, because of it’s portability, I have had some issues, the glass is quote fragile, I once cracked the glass after dropping it from a 2ft. height, which says, you might want to take some extra care, I think Apple should really focus on strengthening the glass on their devices, like on the Zune, which uses gorilla glass.

The iPod Touch comes with an applicaton store that Apple calls the AppStore, and it has over 300,000 applications in it, although some the applications there are some very good quality applications that have taken developers hours and even days to build, are piled on by thousands of other horrible apps, so finding the good applications in the mangle of applications which is the Apple AppStore can sometimes be quite a challenge. There are websites dedicated to finding good applications on the AppStore, which might make your life easier, they certainly did for me!

The iPod is quite a good device to surf the web with, but as good as it may be, it can’t do two things, that are quite ‘usual’ for the normal user, which is – play flash content, games, and videos or type in rich text editors that are not normal HTML textarea elements. The iPod can play YouTube videos, and Apple media formatted .mp4 and .mov files. I find this quite annoying, because I am a regular poster at a forum that has only a rich text editor, and most of the websites I visit on a regular basis require flash. Another web hassle, is how some websites force you over to their mobile websites when you’re surfing the web with your iPod, I have mo problems with mobile sites, aside from the fact that they’re cut down. Websites remove most features from their desktop site, and put only essentials on their mobile site, which does get annoying at times, if you’re lucky, there will be a button to ‘Switch to full site’.

The iPod comes with some great applications to stay connected, the official Twitter application is a good one, the Facebook application is also impressive and they are great ways to stay connected, I end up

ing 90% of my

s from my iPod. Although, it may trigger addiction, as it has in some people, who begin to feel addicted to social networking and the iPod and it’s ability to always keep you connected. I really like the way you are always connects to the Internet when you’re on your iPod.

The iPod’s autocorrect features are quite amazing, right now – I’m I’m typing up this review on my iPod, I’ve made 4 typing mistakes which have all been corrected by the iPod. Although, slightly less often, it does a horrible job, there are actuall instances of websites that mok the iPod Touch’s autocorrect feature, with some pretty hilarious examples of what the autocorrect corrects. Although, when you’re typing up essays and long reviews, articles and other things that include writing, the autocorrect feature is quite nice. This article might have some grammatical errors because I’m writing it up on the iPod!

The iPod Touch 4, comes with 1 very new and useful feature called ‘Find my Phone’. If you lose your iPod, you can go to the MobileMe site, and print a message and sound an alarm on your iOS device (Only applicable to iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, must be running iOS 4.2) and pinpoint the device’s location on a map.

iBooks is the application that makes the iPod an e-reader. Apple has an online book store, called the iBooks store. You can download books, some are free, some are paid. And you can read them on your device, offline or online. iBooks has also been designed as Apple’s PDF viewer, you can open .PDF files in iBooks as well.

The iPod Touch has a very simple user interface which allows users to easily navigate through their content, the web, their applications, and far more. I do like the iPod’s interface as it allows me to access my things quickly. Although, the same layout does get boring, and at that point, jailbreaking is your only option, it is legalized but Apple frowns upon the modification of iOS for whatever purpose. I personally have jailbroken by device, because the interface has started to bore me.

The iPod’s camera is quite nice, it has 2 cameras, one on the front for FaceTime, which is Apple’s video calling software, and one on the back, for general photo taking. It is capable of HD quality, at 720p, it can record video, and take photos – is has digital zoom, which is horrible (really, don’t use digital zoom) and it can control exposure too, the iPhone’s camera is better, but the iPod’s isn’t that far behind. I like taking photos, it’s pretty fun – and the camera application I’d useful, but I’d want the quality to be better before I use the iPod as my primary photo-taking device.

The FaceTime (video calling) feature is a little silly, the technology has been around for years, Apple just branded the technology, which is why it’s such a big hit, but Apple did a great jobs, as awkward as FaceTime calls to your friends are, they are not laggy at all, the video is quite constant, and plays at a constant frame rate.

The iPod touch has direct access to the iTunes store, where users can directly download content on to their devices. If you’re in the United States, you should have access to the store, in other countries like where I live, Hong Kong – you don’t get access to the iTunes store. The store is full of paid music and podcasts.

Overall, I think the iPod Touch 4 is a brilliant device, with wonderful social media integration, a good camera, and plenty of great applications. The only thing that disappoints me are minor problems, and some that can be addressed in later operating system versions if iOS. It’s quite a nice device, and for those of you who dont have one, and want one, I suggest you go out and get one!

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