Cellular phones are a must have device for any one from stay at home parents to big business people. Cellphones allow you to communicate wireless on the go signing up to package plans with cell phone service providers.

When shopping for a cellphone there are various companies offering their latest technology most with a high price tag.

Having owned several models of cellphones like Sony, Siemens, Audiovox, Nokia and Motorola our newest cellphone is Apple’s iPhone.

If you are a technology or gadget buff like myself, this is one of the best phones.

The Apple iPhone can be purchased through cell phone service providers like rogers and Fido (Canada) but require the user to sign up for its Edge 3G Internet network through a data plan.

The alternative method to score yourself one is looking on used buy and sell websites but buyer beware any serious damage to a used phone like scratched screens or dents/cracks in the casing may be result of it being dropped so ask about the users history with the iPhone. This can be costly because some people are asking ridiculous prices as high as 900$ for one phone, used ones shouldn’t be more than $380 but iphones are more than just a phone.

Built on iPhone OS 2X technology the Apple iPhone is like no other cellphone. It has every functionality of its little brother iPod touch like access to Apples app store, wifi Internet via safari and iTunes music store. Plus an integrated camera, speakers/Mic, and of course the main feature, the cell phone option.

The casing on the iPhone 3G is brought back to metal (unlike its previous model 2G which case was plastic) and comes in white and black. The screen is a beautiful 3.5″ multi touch screen and has three buttons. The lock/shut down button on top, the main home button on the front and the volume control button on the side. The iPhone also features a 2.0 mp digital camera with video capabilities.

Inside the iPhone runs a Sam sung s3c6400 667MHz processor, 512MB RAM and comes in 8 or 16GB storage capacity.

Accessing the Internet is easy via wifi, Edge 3G and Blue Tooth networking. Although as mentioned before the Edge cannot be accessed without a data plan from a service provider.

The iPhone has a built in lithium ion battery that holds talk time for 5hrs, standby 300 hours, video 7 hours and audio 24 hours. Internet access on the battery life is 5 hours on 3G and 6 hours on wifi.

So, what else makes this phone special? The functions of the iPhone are pretty endless once you have access to the Internet.

Apples App Store allows you to download games and programs called applications or “apps”. Some for a fee but apps such as lite game versions or apps for social websites like face book or my space are fee. If you are looking for movies, music or other entertainment the iTunes store is where to get them. To access either the app store or iTunes store you must sign up with a credit card for purchases. There is literally an app for almost everything.

The Iphone, like Apples computers and iPod Touch uses the browser safari to surf the world wide web.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a cell phone that does just about everything the Iphone is highly recommended. Even the most skeptical PC fan could easily fall in love with Apples most innovative device, the Apple iPhone.

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