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Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch App Store Review Chop Chop Soccer Football Match Game 3d Cartoon

Chop Chop Soccer is a sports game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which allows players to take part in four-a-side soccer matches. It was created by Gamerizon and currently is on sale for $0.99. It will appeal to all ages and specifically fans of Soccer and cartoon sports games.

Chop Chop Soccer is the fourth game in the Chop Chop series and finally brings the game of Soccer into the list of sports provided. The game is a cartoon sports game which utilises the touch screen of the device and allows players to control their entire team with one finger.

The controls are simple on paper. To move the players, the user must simply drag their finger across the screen and the selected player will run in that direction. To pass the ball to one of the other players, the user must flick their in the direction of the other player and finally to shoot, the user must flick their finger towards the goal. To tackle, the user must flick their finger when the opponent has the ball to slide in that direction and intercept the ball. This all sounds simple however in practise becomes much harder. Users will find it simple enough to move their players around the pitch but when it comes to passing or shooting, it comes down to pot luck. A flick towards another player occasionally works, but has little control, while trying to shoot can leave users frustrated, trying to avoid tackles on the edge of the box while flicking frantically towards goal, only for the player to run, instead of shoot and be tackled by the goalkeeper.

There are three modes to Chop Chop Soccer: Training, Single Match and Tournament. The training mode allows players to practise moving with the ball, passing the ball and allows the player to play a one on one match, which is actually two on two as both sides have a goalkeeper. The single match is simply a single game against the computer. It has many settings which can be changed, such as the country the player and the computer represent, location of the game, the length of the match between 2, 3, 4 and 5 minutes and the difficulty between easy, medium, hard and expert. Tournament mode is where players will represent their country at one of four different tournaments playing 3 games including the final.

There is extra downloadable content for the game too, such as new teams, tournaments and new stadiums to play in. These are individually $0.99 but can be purchased together in the “ultimate pack” for $1.99.

In conclusion, Chop Chop Soccer has a lot of good things about it; the graphics are great and high quality 3D, and with three different game play views, the game is a pleasure to use. The sound effects are good and not annoying and the game is simple to use. This is where the praise ends however. The game is hopeless in terms of control, becoming frustrating and quickly bringing the player to anger. The controls are not responsive enough and the “one finger does all” method simply does not work. The game therefore becomes boring and not worth the, albeit small, fee. This game is not recommended in its current form and is not worth downloading. Don’t waste time on this App.

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