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Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch App Review Disneyland Paris Euro Disney Park Guide Companion Information Book

The Disneyland Paris App is a source of information for anyone planning to or currently visiting the parks. It contains enormous amounts of information that are only a finger tap away on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It was developed by Euro Disney and is currently free to download. It was released on the 3rd of November 2010. It will appeal to anyone planning on visiting or currently visiting Disneyland Paris.

The Disneyland Paris App has a choice of two sections for users to enter: Discover Disneyland and Already in the Park. Each mode is designed to give the best information relative to user’s current status. The Discover Disneyland mode is designed to show potential customers everything that the park has to offer and also give vital information such as how to get there by train, car and plane, how to check in and out and other important details such as the pets and smoking policies. There are also details regarding currency and the availability of ATMs.

There are detail maps of all four regions of Disneyland Paris: Disneyland, Walt Disney Studios, Disneyland Village and Disney Hotels. Each map highlights the location of attractions, characters, shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, shows, parades and other services. If users have GPS enabled they will also be able to show their current location on these maps too. Each part of the Disneyland experience is separated onto a separate map so that there is still a high amount of detail across easier to use maps.

The Already in the Park side of the App also provides these maps, but gives extra information that would be worthless to someone only contemplating a visit. Information such as the opening hours and the current expected wait times on certain rides and attractions. There are also up to date details of the shows and the scheduled parades for the day allowing users to create a schedule to make sure they plan ahead and do not miss out on anything

The Disneyland Paris App also gives a lot of information on booking and smart tips to make sure visitors don’t miss out. Users can book tickets through the application as well as packages, restaurants and tickets to see Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. There are important tips to save people missing out during their trip, detailing that it is best to book restaurants in advance and advice for pregnant or disabled people as well as those with health problems or special dietary requirements. Finally there is a news area that details all the latest information about the parks and the shows and events.

The Disneyland Paris App is a great way to discover what is out there waiting to be seen. The App doubles as a companion for users who are already in the park. This makes the application a must have download for anyone even thinking about going. The App is easy to use and looks very good. It can be a little slow at times, but it is still only a week old at the time of this review and updates are sure to improve this. All in all, a must have for anyone planning to go to Disneyland Paris.

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